Signs of Stability, the Fixed Signs


As I have discussed before, in Western Astrology, the zodiac is based on the seasons rather than on the constellations. Each season begins with a cardinal sign. In the Northern Hemisphere*, Spring begins with the sign of Aries, Summer begins with the sign of Cancer, Fall begins with the sign of Libra, and Winter begins with the sign of Capricorn. As the seasons progress, the Sun moves into the fixed signs.

2017-05-11 14.30.38The fixed signs are the anchors of the zodiac. It is during the time of the fixed signs that the seasons deepen and grow. The fixed signs build upon the changes made during the time of the cardinal signs and develop them to their fullest potential. In the article about the cardinal signs, I discussed that in earlier times, the cardinal signs were called moveable signs. There is a third grouping of signs known as the mutable signs. These signs were called common signs in the past. Fixed signs, however, were called fixed signs in the past, they are called fixed signs now, and they will likely always be called fixed signs. In Japanese, they are called 不動宮, fudou kyou, unmoving signs.

People who have a predominance of fixed signs in their chart are notoriously resistant to change. They tend to be dependable and loyal, and they are stalwart friends.  Once they start something, they will keep going to the bitter end. Those who lack fixed signs tend to have a great deal of difficulty in finishing what they start.

Now that we have talked about the fixed signs as a group, let us look at them individually.

Taurus the Bull

牡牛座 (Oushi Za)

Fixed Earth


Human Archetype:

The Farmer



Planets Dignified in Taurus:

Venus, Ruler and Day Triplicity Ruler**; Moon, Exalted and Night Triplicity Ruler; Mars, Participating Triplicity Ruler

Planets Debilitated in Taurus:

Mars, Detriment***

Part of Body:

Neck and throat

General Characteristics:

Taurus is calm and plodding.  She is slow to anger, but when roused her anger is formidable.  She is stable and persistent.  Taurus is happiest when surrounded by natural beauty.  Possessions and money are quite important to Taurus, and she is quite fond of good food. At best, Taurus is patient, steadfast, kind, and pleasant mannered; at worst, Taurus is lazy, dull, stubborn, and closed minded.

Leo the Lion

獅子座 (Shishi Za)

Fixed Fire


Human Archetype:

The Queen



Planets Dignified in Leo:

Sun, Ruler and Day Triplicity Ruler; Jupiter, Night Triplicity Ruler; Saturn, Participating Triplicity Ruler

Planets Debilitated in Leo:

Saturn, Detriment***

Parts of Body:

Heart and back

General Characteristics:

Like the Lion, Leo is Royalty, and she will never let you forget it.  She is charming, engaging, and larger than life.  She has a Sunny disposition and always wants to be the center of attention.  Despite an ego that needs plenty of massaging, Leo is loving and magnanimous. At best, Leo is generous, fun loving, confident, and loyal; at worst, Leo is egocentric, bossy, and needs endless attention.

Scorpio the Scorpion

蠍座 (Sasori Za)

Fixed Water


Human Archetype:

The Martial Artist



Planets Dignified in Scorpio:

Mars, Ruler and Night Triplicity Ruler; Venus, Day Triplicity Ruler; Moon, Participating Triplicity Ruler

Planets Debilitated in Scorpio:

Venus, Detriment***; Moon, Fall

Parts of Body:

Reproductive and elimination organs

General Characteristics:

Scorpio is the sign of extremes.  Her lower nature is the scorpion, but her higher nature is the eagle.  She can be the worst of sinners or the greatest of saints, and she never does anything half-way.  Scorpio can pierce through lies with sharp accuracy, but she will never reveal a confidence entrusted to her keeping.  Scorpions are known to sting themselves before being eaten by a larger animal, and Scorpios will likewise destroy themselves before admitting defeat. At best, Scorpio is passionate, determined, perceptive, and loyal; at worst, Scorpio is temperamental, possessive, cruel, and has stormy emotions.

Aquarius the Water-Bearer

水瓶座 (Mizugame Za)

Fixed Air


Human Archetype:

The Prophet



Planets Dignified in Aquarius:

Saturn, Ruler and Day Triplicity Ruler; Mercury, Night Triplicity Ruler; Jupiter, Participating Triplicity Ruler

Planets Debilitated in Aquarius:

Sun, Detriment

Parts of Body:


General Characteristics:

Aquarius is the most difficult sign to describe because she tends to eschew convention.  She can be conservative or progressive, but she is her own person.  Aquarius is the most immovable of the fixed signs, and when she has made a decision or set her mind on something, there is nothing that will change it.  She will listen to the ideas of others in an open and pleasant manner, but they will not impact her ideas at all.  At best, Aquarius is curious, intelligent, friendly, and sociable; at worst, Aquarius is defiant for the sake of defiance and immovable.


*In the Southern Hemisphere, the correspondences between the seasons and the signs are reversed. Libra is at the beginning of Spring, Capricorn is at the beginning of Summer, Aries is at the beginning of Fall, and Cancer is at the beginning of Winter.

**There are several different versions of Triplicity Rulers. I use the Dorothean Triplicity Rulers.

***Sometimes planets are both dignified and debilitated in the same sign. There do exist quantitative methods of analyzing dignity and debility in which they cancel each other out; however, I prefer a more qualitative approach that considers both.

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