Transits – April 1 to April 29, 2022: Fits and Starts

The Lunar Cycle between April 1 and April 29, 2022 is mixed with respect to the transits. In some ways, there will be a lot of energy and motivation. Yet, there will also be quite a number of frustrations as well.

This Lunar Cycle will also lead into the first Eclipse Season of the year.

The best ways to manage the transits of this Cycle are to exercise patience, keep your expectations modest, and persist in the face of setbacks. Any large achievement is made of up smaller victories over time. Celebrate such small victories.

April 1 to April 15 – A Hot Two Weeks

One of the first things that stands out in the New Moon chart of April 1 is that it is very hot. Six out of the seven Traditional Planets are in hot signs. The only planet in a cold sign is Jupiter.

This would tend to make life rather busy, and it can also lead to warmer than average temperatures around the world.

The Sun, Moon, and Mercury in Aries would support the desire and drive to get work done, but it may be harder to accomplish things than it would appear on the surface.

The problem is that Mars is applying to a conjunction with Saturn in Saturn’s sign of Aquarius. Mars wants to move forward, but Saturn wants to stay put. In this instance, Saturn is the stronger of the two planets.

Despite the pressure for quick activity, it is best to try and take things at a reasonable and steady pace. The more you push forward, the more resistance you will face.

On a spiritual level, Jupiter is moving towards a conjunction with Neptune in the sign of Pisces. Jupiter rules Pisces and is associated with faith. Neptune is associated with illusion and trickery. It is possible to get led in the wrong direction at this time if you allow it.

April 2

Mercury will form an exact conjunction with the Sun. There will be a time today in which communication will be at its best, but it will only be a brief time. Be careful of ego and arguing for the sake of arguing.

April 4 & 5

Mars will conjunct Saturn on April 4 and will go on to square the North and South Nodes on April 5. This could be a frustrating couple of days. As much as possible, try to stay calm and work at a slow, but steady pace.

This could be a difficult time on the world stage.

April 7 & 8

Mercury will sextile Saturn on April 7 and then move on to sextile Mars on April 8. Jupiter will sextile the North Node and trine the South Node on April 8 as well.

Over all, this set of transits promises to be mildly positive. They should help with communication and with easing tensions on both a personal and public level.

April 9

This is the day of the 1st Quarter Moon. This is when the themes of this Cycle start to emerge and come to life. This is a good time to begin most new projects.

April 10 & 11

Mercury will square Pluto on April 10, Saturn will square the North and South Nodes on April 11. These could impact world events, but will probably not really have much influence in the personal lives of most people.

April 12

Jupiter will conjunct Neptune and the Sun will sextile Saturn. It will be important to keep a level head and avoid getting caught up in illusions.

April 16 to April 29 – Heading Into Eclipse Season

The Full Moon chart of April 16, 2022 is very different than the chart of the New Moon was. In this chart, three planets have moved from hot signs to cold signs. Venus and Mars are in Pisces, and Mercury is in Taurus. Jupiter is still in Pisces, and the Sun/Moon opposition is between Aries and Libra.

In this chart, the Moon will go Void of Course after leaving the opposition with the Sun.

The frustrated energy of the first two weeks of the cycle will disperse, and it may be hard to get anything accomplished.

This is a good time for reflection and meditation, but it is not a very good time for action.

April 17

Mercury will sextile Venus and then conjunct Uranus. In general, this will be a good day for pleasant communication, but be careful not to sabotage it with ego or selfishness.

April 18

Venus will sextile Uranus, and the Sun will square Pluto. Neither of these transits will impact most people on a personal level, especially if they avoid the temptation to bend or break the rules. There could be difficulties on the world stage, however.

April 23 & 24

April 23 is the day of the 3rd Quarter Moon, and is when the cycle will begin to wind down. This is a good time for housecleaning or other activities that you wish to be completed quickly.

The next New Moon will be a Solar Eclipse, which will tend to make life more complicated and chaotic. If you can, it will be helpful to have things in order before Eclipse Season begins.

Mercury will conjunct the North Node on April 23. She will go on to square Saturn and sextile Neptune on April 24. These transits will mostly impact the world stage rather than have influence on a personal level. On the other hand, this could be a tricky time for communication.

If difficulties and miscommunications arise, it would be best to wait a few days before trying to resolve them.

April 25

Venus will sextile the North Node. This will not have a lot of personal impact, but it could be a positive influence on the world stage.

April 27 & 28

On April 27, Venus will conjunct Neptune. Mercury will sextile Jupiter on April 27 as well and then move on to trine Pluto on April 28.

This will be a time of choice on a personal and public level. Avoid falling into pleasant illusions or temptations to do things that you know are wrong.

April 27 is also the beginning of Eclipse Season. This is when Darkness is stronger, and life can become more chaotic.

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