Transits – May 30 to June 27, 2022: A Quiet Month

We are coming out of Eclipse Season, and we will be having the first clear Lunation with the New Moon of May 30, 2022. This will likely be a very short article because there is not much going on in terms of transits during this Lunar Cycle. It will be a pleasant relief after the stressful Eclipse Season that we just went through.

This will be a very good time to take a vacation if you are able to.

May 30 to June 13 – a release of Tension

The New Moon chart of May 30, 2022 has very few aspects. The Sun and Moon are in Gemini and they are both separating from a sextile with Mars and Jupiter in Aries. This was a pleasant, but excitable aspect, and it is now almost over. Venus is in her own sign of Taurus, which will soften the hot Mars in Aries.

The only major aspect is a square between Mercury and Saturn. This aspect would seem to be very close with Mercury retrograde about a degree away from Saturn. The thing is, though, that this aspect will not perfect.

This means that although some of the tension that was present in communication a few days ago will seem like it will return….it will not. Mercury will turn around and move forward before it connects with Saturn again.

June 3

Mercury will go direct today. This should help with any communication troubles that had come about during Eclipse Season.

June 4

Saturn will go retrograde today and will stay retrograde until October 23. This will be a time of reviewing and working on old projects. Every year, Saturn is retrograde for several months, and it is a time in which forward progress becomes slower.

June 7

This is the date of the 1st Quarter Moon. Except for two planets changing directions, there has not be any major aspect during the New Moon phase. This indicates that there are not that many new projects that will have started yet. It will have been a restful week.

June 10 & 11

The first major aspects of this Lunar Cycle will be two Outer Planet transits. Mercury will trine Pluto on June 10, and Venus will conjunct Neptune on June 11.

June 14 to June 27 – Slight Stirrings of Activity

The first half of this Lunar Cycle went by without any major aspects between the Traditional Planets. The Full Moon chart is slightly more active. The Lunation itself will be interacting with Saturn, with the Sun forming a trine with Saturn, and the Moon a sextile. While these are harmonious aspects, any aspects between the Luminaries and Saturn can be tricky. There may be a tendency to feel a bit low and lack energy. This can be overcome easily by being disciplined and adhering to routines.

Mercury is moving into a sextile with Jupiter. This will bring some energy and excitement in the form of new ideas. Venus is forming a conjunction with the North Node. It had just left a conjunction with Uranus and is moving into a square with Saturn. This could bring some trouble with relationships, especially for those with planets in the latter degrees of the Fixed Signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.

June 16

The Sun will trine Saturn and square Neptune. Venus will conjunct the North Node. The only one of these transits that will have much impact on a personal level will be the Sun trine Saturn. In some ways, this will be a blessing. It will provide grounding to avoid getting drawn into the other more unstable aspects.

June 18

Venus will square Saturn and sextile Neptune. This could be a day of temptation in relationships, particularly for those in long-term committed ones. It might look like there is something better on the horizon, but that is an illusion. Avoid making any changes, particularly in relationships, for at least another few days.

June 20

This will be the day of the 3rd Quarter Moon and when the cycle will begin to wind down. This is not a good time to start anything new, but instead focus on tasks like housecleaning. The sextile between Mercury and Jupiter will become exact today, bringing thoughts and ideas for the next cycle.

June 21

Venus will trine Pluto today. So long as you avoid temptations to do something you know you should not do, this transit will likely pass by unnoticed.

June 27

Mars will sextile Saturn today, which is probably the most dynamic aspect this entire cycle. This will be a good day to work on a project that you may have been procrastinating about.

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