cropped-ordered-solar-system1.jpgI provide astrological services using Classical Western methods, grounded in the Divine Feminine.

My underlying philosophy is that we live in an orderly cosmos, and that humans are Axial Beings, with the power of choice within this cosmos. If we act within the Music of the Spheres, we become the person that we were meant to be, and our lives become more harmonious overall. If we try to act outside of the Music of the Spheres, we experience disruption, and we often bring unnecessary problems upon ourselves, and perhaps, upon others. We are not bound by our fate or destiny, and we have the ability to rise above it if we strive for spiritual awakening.

While astrology is not the only tool to help us in our decision making, it is a useful one. I do my best to outline the various options available given the astrological circumstances, and to provide helpful suggestions and ideas for navigating these circumstances.

Information on astrological services can be found here.

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