Astrological Services

Free Computerized natal report

You can get a free computerized Natal Report written by me at the site, Astrology Season. This is not a replacement for an individualized Personal Consultation or Written Nativity Report. It will, however, list the planets and major chart points in your chart and give a basic interpretation for them. This report can also serve as a free sample of how I analyze charts if you are considering one of my personalized services. The link for this free report is below:

Free Computerized Natal Report 

Personal Consultation $100

(requires date, time, and place of birth)

Astrological charts contain a wealth of information, and they are the most useful when addressing specific issues of concern, such as career or vocation, relationship issues, or health issues. During the consultation, we will talk about specific areas of concern you have at the moment, and I will give practical guidance based on your chart. Prior to our meeting, I will cast and analyze your chart based on your current needs, using techniques appropriate to your situation.  The consultation will be an hour-long and conducted by telephone, over Skype, or over Zoom.

You can schedule a personal consultation here.

Written Reports

(all written reports require date, time, and place of birth)

Nativity Report $150

Our souls are complex. Life can be complicated and confusing. A Nativity Report will analyze the map of the sky when you were born. This map can be likened to an Owner’s Manual for your life. This report will talk about your strengths and weaknesses and provide specific suggestions for getting the most out of this lifetime.

You can order a written Nativity Report here.

1 Year Forecast $150

Astrology is the study of the cycles of existence as reflected in the movements of the stars. There are many cycles to consider, from long term cycles that impact entire societies and civilizations to very brief cycles that last only days, or even a day or less. A 1 Year Forecast will analyze the cycles that will be in effect for the upcoming year.

You can order a 1 Year Forecast here.

Compatibility Analysis (for relationships between two people) $150

Synastry between charts shows how two people interact with each other. Just as the aspects between planets in a Nativity Chart show areas of internal harmony and conflict, aspects between one person’s chart and the chart of another show the areas of harmony and conflict between the two people. This Analysis will discuss the relationship needs of each individual separately and then discuss the patterns of interaction between them. The focus of this report is to help two people understand each other and their relationship, so they can be together harmoniously and work through areas of conflict or potential conflict.

A Compatibility Analysis is useful for any type of relationship, not just a romantic one. Other relationships that might benefit from a Compatibility Analysis can include friends, siblings, co-workers, business partners, and parent/child relationships.

You can order a Compatibility Analysis here.

Temperament Analysis $25

This is a report discussing your individual temperament, or optimal balance, and most likely areas of imbalance. This report will also give suggestions to help remedy imbalances as they occur. A fuller explanation and an example of a Temperament Analysis can be found here.

You can order a Temperament Analysis here.

Other Services

In addition to personal consultation and written reports, I also offer Horary readings, which answer specific questions and Electional services, which help determine beneficial times for important planned events. The nature and cost of other services will be negotiated privately based on the client’s individual needs and circumstances. If you are interested in other astrological services or if you want to contact me for any other reason, please complete the form below, and I will contact you with more information.

Gift Certificates

I now offer gift certificates which can be used for all of my services. They can be purchased for $50, $100, or $150, and can be used for either an entire service or towards the cost of a service. If you would like to purchase an astrological gift for someone, you can order gift certificates here.