Astrology Basics


General Topics

How Does Astrology Work?

The Languages of Astrology

The Zodiac

The Phases of the Moon

A Consumer’s Guide to Astrology

Part I: Differences between Astrology, Psychic Ability, and Other Forms of Divination

The Planets

The Sun お日さま

The Moon お月さま

Mercury 水星

Venus 金星

Mars 火星

Jupiter 木星

Saturn 土星

The Elements

Air 風

Fire 火

Earth 土

Water 水

The Modes

Signs of Change, the Cardinal Signs

Signs of Stability, the Fixed Signs

Signs of Letting Go, the Mutable Signs

The Zodiac Signs

Aries 牡羊座

Taurus 牡牛座

Gemini 双子座

Cancer 蟹座

Leo 獅子座

Virgo 乙女座

Libra 天秤座

Scorpio 蠍座

Sagittarius 射手座

Capricorn 山羊座

Aquarius 水瓶座

Pisces 魚座