Intermediate and Advanced Topics

Intermediate and Advanced


Essential Dignities & Debilities

Who’s In Charge? Disposition and the Almuten Figuris

A Second Look at Secondary Progressions: A Tale of Two Queens

Generational Astrology, Great Conjunctions, and Pluto

The Mercury Retrograde Cycle

Zodiacal Releasing: The Narrative of Our Lives

The Moon’s Nodes, What Do They Mean?

Learning Indian (Vedic) Astrology

Pluto: Its Discovery, History, and Meaning

Comet Neowise and the Great Bear


Humors and Temperament, A Simplified Approach for the Modern World

Managing Temperament, A Balancing Act

Astrological Polarities

As Different as Night and Day

Soft and Hard, The Wet/Dry Polarity and Its Relationship to Astrological Aspects

Birthchart Rectification for Famous People

When Was Alexander Hamilton Born?

Reference Pages

Calculation of the Almuten Figuris

Major Essential Dignities

Minor Essential Dignities