Intermediate and Advanced Topics

Intermediate and Advanced

Essential Dignities & Debilities

Who’s In Charge? Disposition and the Almuten Figuris

A Second Look at Secondary Progressions: A Tale of Two Queens

Generational Astrology, Great Conjunctions, and Pluto

The Mercury Retrograde Cycle

Zodiacal Releasing: The Narrative of Our Lives

The Moon’s Nodes, What Do They Mean?

Learning Indian (Vedic) Astrology

Pluto: Its Discovery, History, and Meaning

Comet Neowise and the Great Bear


Humors and Temperament, A Simplified Approach for the Modern World

Managing Temperament, A Balancing Act

Astrological Polarities

As Different as Night and Day

Soft and Hard, The Wet/Dry Polarity and Its Relationship to Astrological Aspects

Wet and Dry: The Forgotten Polarity

Birthchart Rectification for Famous People

When Was Alexander Hamilton Born?

Reference Pages

Calculation of the Almuten Figuris

Major Essential Dignities

Minor Essential Dignities