Transits – January 31 to March 1, 2022: Saturn Strikes Back

During the last Lunar Cycle, there were some small glimmers of being able to break free from Saturn’s hold. Unfortunately, Saturn is not backing down very easily. The Lunar Cycle from January 31 to March 1, 2022 will be heavily dominated by Saturn. The most obvious way that this is manifesting is through the current renewed restrictions to protect against the Omicron variant of Co-vid 19.

The good news is that Jupiter is still free and can offer assistance. This may manifest in the form of people who are willing to work together and to help each other.

January 31 to February 15: Saturn Holds Firm

In the New Moon chart of January 31, 2022, six out of the seven Traditional Planets are in signs ruled by Saturn.

The Sun, Moon, and Saturn are all in Aquarius, and all together in a conjunction. Mercury, Venus and Mars are in Capricorn. The only planet free of Saturn’s rule is Jupiter, who is in her own sign of Pisces.

Saturn signifies restrictions and hardships, but she also signifies discipline and hard work. She also lends support when it comes to building strong foundations.

For more information, see:
Saturn 土星

Jupiter, the only planet free of Saturn, is helpful in this chart. Jupiter is in a friendly aspect with both Venus and Mars. Venus and Mars are the primary planets governing relationships of all sorts. Mars is strong in Capricorn, which gives the ability to work hard to get things accomplished.

This would seem to indicate that there is an opportunity for people to work together to solve problems.

February 3

Mercury will go direct today. This should help with matters such as paperwork and communication. Anything that became a complication during the Mercury retrograde period should start to clear.

February 4

The Sun will be conjunct Saturn today. This could bring a feeling of heaviness, especially for people who have planets or major chart points in the Fixed Signs, which are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.

If this happens, it is best to be patient and accept that things may take longer than you might like them to.

February 8

This is the day of the First Quarter Moon. In many cases, the themes of the Lunar Cycle will become manifest at this time. This Lunar Cycle is a rather slow one, however, so there might not be anything obvious that emerges.

Mars will also be trine Uranus today. There could be a temptation towards restlessness and irritability, which should be avoided if at all possible.

February 11 & 12

Mercury will conjunct Pluto on February 11 and trine the North Node on February 12. Neither of these transits will impact most people as individuals. There might be difficult information that comes to light on a global level, however.

February 14

Mercury will move into Aquarius today. This will be a positive change as Mercury has more dignity in Aquarius than in Capricorn. Communication should improve during this time.

February 15

The Sun will square the North and South Nodes. This is another transit that will, for the most part, operate globally and will not impact most people on an individual level.

February 16 to March 1: More of the same

The Full Moon chart of February 16 is very similar to the New Moon chart. Not much will have changed. Five out of seven of the Traditional Planets are still in Saturn-ruled signs.

Venus and Mars are still in Capricorn. The conjunction between them has become exact, however. Both are still in a friendly aspect with Jupiter, although they are moving away from this aspect.

Mercury has moved from Capricorn to Aquarius, but Saturn rules Aquarius as well as Capricorn. The Sun and Saturn are still in this sign.

The Moon is in Leo, but Leo is ruled by the Sun, who is in a Saturn-ruled sign.

Jupiter is still free in Pisces, but in this chart, she has a much weaker connection to the other planets.

February 17

Jupiter is sextile Uranus. This aspect will pass by unnoticed by most people.

February 18

The Sun will enter Pisces. This will help ease the heaviness of this cycle, and we may see restrictions begin to lift again at this time.

February 23 & 24

The Third Quarter Moon will be on February 23. This marks the beginning of the end of the cycle. It is not a good time to start anything new that you want to last. It is a good time for housework and unpleasant tasks, however.

There will also be a lot of activity with respect to the Outer Planets, but most of that will go unnoticed on a personal level. The only one to be concerned about is Mercury square Uranus, which could create a temptation to argue for the sake of arguing. It is best to avoid any such temptation.

February 28

Venus and Mars will trine the North Node and sextile the South Node. On a global level, this could indicate an event that will promote harmony between the genders. On a personal level, there could be important, positive developments in relationships.

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