Transits – March 2 to March 31, 2022: Jupiter Gains a Foothold

Much of this year will be governed by the the interplay of Jupiter and Saturn. Saturn has been dominant for the past couple of years and is not backing down easily. Even so, Jupiter has broken free from Saturn’s hold, and during the Lunar Cycle from March 2 to March 31, 2022, she will start to gain power.

This means that we will start to gain more freedom from Saturn’s heavy restrictions. They will not be gone completely, but they will have less of an impact on our lives.

There are currently things happening on the world stage that could be a bit troubling. They seem to be related the Outer Planets, specifically Pluto. The important thing to remember about this is that the impact of Pluto depends almost entirely on our own decisions as Axial Beings.

For a more detailed discussion, see:
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Unfortunately, each of us can only control our own personal decisions, but these decisions will make a difference in whether and how the decision of others impact us on a personal level. I also believe that if a critical mass of people decide to reject the principle that Pluto stands for, which is inversion of right and wrong, this will reduce its influence on a global level as well.

March 2 to March 17 – The Choice to Be Good

The New Moon chart of March 2 does show the current troubling events on the world stage, but it also gives a great deal of support to anyone who is trying to be good.

In this chart, Mars and Venus are forming a tight conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn. Because it is embedded in the New Moon chart, these transits will have an impact for the next two weeks. On the other hand, the transits themselves will be over in a few days. The conjunction between Venus and Mars is a good one, but the connection with Pluto is troublesome.

Also a bit troublesome is the North Node in this chart, which is with the Fixed Star Algol. Algol has a bad reputation and is often a destructive influence. This is another potential difficult influence on the world stage.

On a much more positive note, the New Moon itself is forming a conjunction with Jupiter in her own sign of Pisces. This is a very positive aspect. It will support all endeavors to engage in positive activities and to develop a strong and healthy spirituality.

Unlike Pluto, Jupiter is one of the Traditional Planets. This means that she can and does have an impact whether or not we consciously engage her. Still, her influence will be stronger and more powerful if we gratefully accept her benefits and cooperate with her. If enough people do that, she cannot help but overcome the negative influence of Pluto.

Although most of us have been chafing under the restrictions of Saturn for the past few years, in this chart, she is an ally as well. Saturn is strong in her own sign of Aquarius, and she rules Capricorn where Venus, Mars, and Pluto are all residing. Saturn is also one of the Traditional Planets and cannot be avoided.

Just as Saturn’s element, lead, provides protection from the heavier, unstable, and radioactive elements, the boundaries of Saturn provide protection from the poisons of the Outer Planets. Mercury is forming a close conjunction with Saturn, which will promote common sense and stable thought processes.

March 2 – 6

This is when the major activity of this Lunation will take place. Mercury’s conjunction with Saturn will be exact on March 2. Venus and Mars will conjunct Pluto on March 3. The Sun will conjunct Jupiter on March 5. On March 6, Venus and Mars will both enter Aquarius, and the conjunction between them will be exact. On the same day, Mercury will form a square with the Nodes, and the North Node is still conjunct Algol.

Whatever happens during these several days will set the scene for the entire Lunar Cycle. This is when it will be the most important to do your best to keep your thoughts, words, and actions in the Light. Doing this will make a huge difference on a personal level and could have a positive influence what will happen on a global level as well.

March 9

Mercury will enter Pisces today. This is a difficult move for Mercury, and it could create issues with clear communication for most of the rest of this month. It will be important to be forgiving of errors and to give people the benefit of the doubt.

March 10

This is the date of the 1st Quarter Moon. While this usually marks when the themes of the Lunar Cycle will become manifest, these themes will have already become quite clear with the series of transits that will have taken place a few days prior.

March 13 & 14

The Sun will conjunct Neptune and then sextile the North Node. It will be important to avoid listening to rumors at this time because there will be a strong potential for misinformation to spread.

March 17

Mercury will be sextile Uranus today. For most, this aspect will pass by unnoticed. Be careful of any ideas that surface, however, because they are likely to be unsound.

March 18 to March 31 – Reaping the Results

The Full Moon chart of March 18, 2022 is much less dramatic than the New Moon chart was. To begin with, the Moon will be going Void of Course after finishing her opposition with the Sun. She will make a trine with Pluto first, but that is not one of the Traditional Planets.

This means that the themes of this Lunar Cycle will have already played themselves out, and in the second half of the cycle, we will primarily be experiencing the results of the events from the first half.

Pluto is no longer a major player as all of the planets will have moved to the safety of either Jupiter or Saturn. Life should be return to relative normalcy during this time.

March 18 & 19

On March 18, the Sun will sextile Pluto, and on March 19, Venus will square Uranus. It will be important to avoid the temptation to fall into meaningless arguments that you are likely to regret later.

March 20

The Sun enters the sign of Aries today, which also marks the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and the Autumn Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere.

March 21

Mercury will conjunct Jupiter today. This will help with communication and learning.

March 22 & 23

Mars will square Uranus on March 22, and Mercury will conjunct Neptune and then sextile the North Node. These transits have the potential to unravel the positive communication that just occurred when Mercury was conjunct Jupiter. It would be best to ignore negative information that you may receive during these days.

March 25

This is the time of the 3rd Quarter Moon in which the events of the Lunar Cycle begin to wind down. For those in the United States, from now until the next New Moon is a good time to file your taxes.

March 26 & 27

Mercury will sextile Pluto on March 26 before heading into the sign of Aries on March 27. These transits could make communications more volatile than usual.

March 28 – 30

Venus will conjunct Saturn on March 28 and then move on to square the North and South Nodes on March 30. Relationships that form during this time will have a fated nature to them and have the potential to last a long time. This is also a good time to work on deep issues in current relationships, especially long term ones.

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