Cancer Ingress 2019

The Sun will be entering the sign of Cancer shortly. As the Sun's entry also marks the Solstice point, the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere, the chart for the Sun's entry into Cancer will be in effect throughout the season. In that light, let's look at … Continue reading Cancer Ingress 2019

The Transits of June 2019 – Heading into Eclipse Season

Last month, we were inundated by transits coming at us from all sides. This made for a hectic and active month for many people. The first two weeks of June will be relatively peaceful, so you should have time to relax and catch your breath. The last two weeks of June will be a different … Continue reading The Transits of June 2019 – Heading into Eclipse Season

The Transits of May 2019 – A Flurry of Activity

After a slow and sluggish couple of months, May will bring us a flurry of transit activity. Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are all retrograde and will be through most of the summer. Saturn and Pluto will also be dancing around the South Node in Capricorn for most of this time. For the most part, the … Continue reading The Transits of May 2019 – A Flurry of Activity

Taurus 牡牛座

Taurus is a sign with simple tastes. Good food, pleasant surroundings, and peace and quiet all make Taurus very happy. Taurus is one of the most stable of the signs, and she dislikes change or disruption of any kind. This sign likes to accumulate things, such as property, money, and relationships. Once she sees something … Continue reading Taurus 牡牛座

Quiet Heroines

The Wisdom of Our Grandmothers

In my last article, mentioned that I had started a new project, a website called Quiet Heroines. This website will feature the stories of women who have led extraordinary lives, but whose voices have been lost to history.

I intend to feature a new heroine every month. There will be a main article with historical and biographical information about her which will come out on the first Sunday of the month. After that, throughout the month, I will add bonus articles, often discussing astrological information relevant to the heroine, such as a birthchart analysis, a proposed rectification chart, or other things that may be of interest concerning her.

The first heroine is Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton, and the main article is:

Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton: Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story


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The Transits of April 2019 – A Month of Retrogrades

March's Mercury retrograde ended on March 28, 2019, but April will have several retrogrades of its own. Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto will all turn around and start moving backward. Despite this, April will be a bit livelier than the last couple of months have been, especially on a personal level. Most people will feel more … Continue reading The Transits of April 2019 – A Month of Retrogrades