2020 – An Earth-Shattering Year

2020 promises to be a dramatic year astrologically.  It will begin with a Lunar Eclipse and a Saturn-Pluto conjunction. It will end with a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, also known as a Great Conjunction, which will mark the beginning of a new 200-year era. This conjunction will occur on the same day as the Winter Solstice. In … Continue reading 2020 – An Earth-Shattering Year

Solar Eclipse of December 25, 2019

In several hours, there will be a Solar Eclipse. This Solar Eclipse is quite significant for two reasons. One is that it will be occurring so close to the Solstice, and the other is that it is happening at a ritually significant time for many traditions. This Eclipse will be visible in most of Asia, … Continue reading Solar Eclipse of December 25, 2019

Transits of December 2019 – Challenges and Change

This year has been one of preparation and of letting go. It started with an Eclipse Season, and it will end with one as well. These last couple of months have been relatively quiet; however, this month promises to be one of activity and challenges. There will many changes coming over the next year. For … Continue reading Transits of December 2019 – Challenges and Change

The Phases of the Moon

While the name astrology means the study of the stars, in many ways, astrology is the study of time. For astrologers, time is not linear, but cyclical. There are many different cycles of time, and each of them is governed by one of the planets, or by the relationship between planets. The most basic cycle … Continue reading The Phases of the Moon

Transits of November 2019 – The Calm Before the Storm

2020 will be a transformative year, and the changes will begin in December of 2019. For a description of the coming changes, you may want to read the article about the Libra Ingress of 2019. Like October, however, November of 2019 will be rather calm and ordinary. There are not many transits, and most of … Continue reading Transits of November 2019 – The Calm Before the Storm