Scorpio 蠍座

Scorpio is one of the most maligned signs in both Traditional and Modern Astrology. When you read descriptions of Scorpio, you will be told that Scorpio is ruthless, deceitful, and cruel, among other things. On the other hand, you may also find reference to the dual nature of Scorpio, the Scorpion and the Eagle. The … Continue reading Scorpio 蠍座

Water 水

Water is the All Possibility and thus can be anything. In its normal state, water is fluid, but when heated, can become gaseous and blends with air, and when cooled, can become solid like earth. When in motion, water can become energy and fuel, like fire. Water is by nature soft and yielding and will … Continue reading Water 水

Signs of Stability, the Fixed Signs

日本語版 As I have discussed before, in Western Astrology, the zodiac is based on the seasons rather than on the constellations. Each season begins with a cardinal sign. In the Northern Hemisphere*, Spring begins with the sign of Aries, Summer begins with the sign of Cancer, Fall begins with the sign of Libra, and Winter … Continue reading Signs of Stability, the Fixed Signs