Earth 地

Earth is the element of solidity and stability. It is the land we stand on, and it is the substance of our material life. Of all of the natural elements, Earth is the only one that has a definite form. Indeed, it is Earth that gives form to all of the other elements.

Earth is not the most exciting of the elements. It does not have the passionate changeability of Water or the explosive power of Fire. It does not move quickly in and through everything like Air. Earth just is what it is, and does what it does. But without Earth, we would have nothing to define who we are or to separate ourselves from anything else.

Earth governs our lands and our possessions. Earth is the element that is associated with money and wealth. Earth provides us with the food we eat and the ground upon which we stand. Earth is the element of everything that we can hold in our hands. Earth gives us trees and flowers and has a quiet beauty all its own.

Earth Shroom

Traits of Earth

Earth is sure and solid, steady and practical. Of all of the elements, Earth is the happiest in the material world and the most bound in it. Earth does not have any patience for flights of fancy and will gravitate towards things that are tangible. Earth runs the risk of being too caught up in the material world, and at times has difficulty with forms of spirituality that go too far beyond the pragmatic and the sensible.

Earth can be surprisingly ingenious in its own way. Because it is bound in the material world, it has a talent for solving practical problems that would baffle all the other elements.

Nurturing and Managing Earth

In many ways, Earth is the easiest element to nurture. Its needs are simple and straightforward. Earth needs security, peace, beauty, and comfort. Almost any type of practical or physical task, such as gardening or housecleaning, will calm Earth. Earth, more than any other element, needs a sense of accomplishment.

The biggest difficulty Earth has is becoming too dry. Earth can be very judgmental because it sees the world in a set, and sometimes rigid, way. Earth is calmed and soothed by Water, whose softness and fluidly help to moisten it, allowing life to grow.

Earth in Astrology

Each of the elements is ruled by a team of planets, known as triplicity rulers. In the Dorothean system that I use, the day ruler of Earth is Venus, the night ruler is the Moon, and the participating ruler is Mars. For day charts, the order of precedence is Venus, the Moon, and Mars, and for night charts, the Moon, Venus, and Mars. All three of these planets have dignity in all of the Earth Signs.

The Earth signs are as follows:

Taurus 牡牛座

Earth Taurus

Fixed Earth

Taurus is the earthiest of the Earth Signs. Taurus likes and needs comfort. Good food, a comfortable chair, a beautiful landscape, all of these are Taurus’ idea of heaven. Taurus is stable and reliable, but others might find Taurus a bit dull and plodding. Taurus rarely gets angry, but when she does, her temper is powerful. Taurus can be possessive and territorial, and money and wealth are important sources of security for her.

Taurus is ruled by Venus and exalts the Moon. Mars is in detriment in Taurus and no planet is in Fall.

Virgo 乙女座

Earth Virgo

Mutable Earth

Virgo is the busiest of the Earth signs. A notorious perfectionist, Virgo needs to feel useful and productive. Virgo is extremely practical and organized and sees details that no other sign would notice. Virgo’s drive for perfection can make her nervous and critical. Virgo can be difficult to get along with, but her greatest desire is to be of service.

Virgo is ruled by and exalts Mercury. Jupiter is in detriment in Virgo, and Venus is in Fall.

Capricorn 山羊座

Earth Capricorn

Cardinal Earth

Capricorn is the most ambitious of the Earth signs. Capricorn is a hard worker, and will slowly and surely work to rise to the top of whatever field she is in. Though firmly grounded in the material world, Capricorn is by far the most adaptable of the Earth signs. Capricorn will pragmatically change her approach based on the necessity of the moment. Capricorn is formidable and takes a no-nonsense approach to life.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and exalts Mars. The Moon is in detriment in Capricorn and Jupiter is in Fall.

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