Transits of December 2019 – Challenges and Change

This year has been one of preparation and of letting go. It started with an Eclipse Season, and it will end with one as well. These last couple of months have been relatively quiet; however, this month promises to be one of activity and challenges.

There will many changes coming over the next year. For a summary of these changes, you can see my previous article about the Libra Ingress chart of 2019.

This December will mark the first real stirrings of these coming changes.


December 1 to December 10 – Becoming More Serious

As we move into December, Jupiter is at the very end of Sagittarius and is moving into Capricorn. This will mark a change from a feeling of abundance and light-heartedness to a sense of caution and heaviness. Jupiter is moving from the sign she rules to the sign of her Fall, so this could be a difficult change.

Jupiter will be joining Venus, Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node in this sign. Of these planets, Saturn is the strongest, and as the ruler of Capricorn, is the dispositor of everything in this sign.

This adds to the overall feeling that it is time to be serious and get to work.

Transits 12-1-2019

December 2

This the day that Jupiter will move into Capricorn. There will be a noticeable change in the air. While this energy may feel quite heavy, it will also bring motivation for hard work and completing difficult tasks.

Mercury will also sextile Pluto today, but this aspect will pass unnoticed by most.

December 3

Venus will conjunct the South Node, and Mars will sextile both of them. This will more than likely have a greater impact on the world stage than it will on our personal lives. It will be a positive development, however, and people that had been at odds will begin to understand each other and come together.

December 4

This is the day of the 1st Quarter Moon. Things were started during the New Moon phase that began on November 26 will emerge and come to light.

December 8

The Sun will square Neptune, and Venus will sextile it. These transits will not be noticed by most people. Yet, do be careful because they could cloud the judgment of some.

December 9

Mercury will go into Sagittarius. This will help to lighten the recent heaviness. On the other hand, those who are prone to tactlessness or recklessness may have more trouble with these traits than usual.

December 11 to December 24 – A Time of Preparation

The Full Moon of December 11 will be the last lunation prior to the coming Eclipse Season. Even though this Full Moon is marked by the opposition between the Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon in Gemini, there is still a serious undertone in this chart.

Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, the South Node, and Pluto are all still in Capricorn, and Venus has just finished making a conjunction with Saturn. She will then move towards a conjunction with Pluto.

This may create some challenges for relationships. Yet, many relationships are strengthened by getting through difficulties together, so it may also help forge the bonds between people.

On a global scale, we could see major changes when it comes to gender issues.

Full Moon 12-11-2019

December 11

The conjunction between Venus and Saturn will occur right before the Full Moon. This will be a good time to think about ways to work through any difficulties that you may have in your relationships.

December 13

Venus will conjunct Pluto, and Mars will square Neptune. These transits will mostly impact the world stage, specifically in the area of gender relations. They could cause some trouble in relationships if you let them. It is best not to make any decisions regarding your relationships right now because of the potential for heightened volatility and not having accurate information.

December 14

This is when the Eclipse Season will begin. Eclipse Season is the window of time in which eclipses can occur. This will be the third Eclipse Season of the year. The first one was in January and the second one was in June.

Eclipse Seasons are often more chaotic than other times. It is important to remember to hold on to the Light and to avoid being tempted by darker urges and impulses.

This Eclipse Season will last until January 17, 2020.

December 15

Jupiter will trine Uranus. This transit will mostly pass by unnoticed. Beware of any tendencies towards recklessness or overconfidence, however.

December 18

This will mark the Third Quarter Moon. The Third Quarter Moon is a time to wind down activities and to do unpleasant tasks in order to get them done quickly.

December 19

Today, Mars will be sextile Saturn, and Mercury will square Neptune. These transits will mostly pass by unnoticed. It is possible that any recent deceptions will be uncovered, however.

December 20

Venus will enter Aquarius. This will be a mixed blessing. On the one hand, she will move out of the fray with respect to the major planets in Capricorn. On the other hand, she loses dignity when she moves into Aquarius.

If your relationships have suffered because of issues related to stress or outside events, there will be relief from these pressures. Yet, you may find that everyone will want a little more distance from each other than usual.

December 21

The Sun enters Capricorn, which marks the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the Summer Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere. There will be more about the Capricorn Ingress chart in a later article.

December 22

Mars will sextile Pluto and Venus will square Uranus. This will pass unnoticed for most on a personal level. If you feel more irritable or restless than usual, try to set aside these feelings for now.

December 24

The Sun will trine Uranus. This transit will be unremarkable, especially as it is at the end of the Lunar Phase Cycle.

The Solar Eclipse of December 25

The New Moon on December 25 will be a Solar Eclipse. It will be visible in Southeast Asia, and this is where it will have the greatest impact.

I will write more about this Eclipse in a later article, as well as its impact on the rest of the month.

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