Transits March 13 to April 10, 2021 – New Ideas in the Air

As we are moving into the next Lunar Cycle, there are tentative signs of hope. People are being vaccinated for Covid-19, and the severity of the past year is easing up. In looking at the transits for the next cycle, it seems like we can trust these tentative signs. Things are getting better.

Yet, our world has changed, and we will need to find our way. The institutions and ideas that seemed to have had deep roots are crumbling. It seems like nothing is certain.

This is reflected in the Lunation Charts for this cycle. They are very wet. This brings an openness to new ideas, but it also makes decisions more difficult.

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March 13 to March 27 – Time to Brainstorm

The New Moon chart of March 13, 2021 is not just very wet, it is all wet. All seven Traditional Planets are in wet signs. The Sun, Moon, and Venus are in the Water Sign, Pisces. Mars is in the Air Sign, Gemini. The remaining three planets, Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn are all in the Air Sign, Aquarius.

Whenever you have extremes in terms of temperament in a Lunation chart, it could play out in the weather for those two weeks. In this case, there may be more precipitation than usual around the world. This is a very gentle chart, though, so this probably will not translate into more storms or floods than is usual. For those in the Northern Hemisphere, this should be nice weather for plants to sprout.

For everyone, this will be a good time to brainstorm and think about new ideas. Be open to new possibilities and let yourself think outside of the box. Even though the chart is very wet, there is little danger of floating away. It may seem that way as Venus is tightly conjunct Neptune, but there is a safety valve preventing that.

This chart has a final dispositor, which is Saturn. Saturn will act as an anchor to keep people from going too far afield with their plans and ideas.

March 13

The conjunction between Venus and Neptune will be exact. Be sensible when it comes to your relationships. Wait to make any final decisions about other people until this aspect passes in a day or so.

March 15

Mercury will go into Pisces. This is a difficult placement for Mercury, and communication may get rather fuzzy. Double-check your work and watch out for careless errors. The good news is that Mercury will be direct the entire time that she is in Pisces this year.

March 16 – 18

The Sun will sextile Pluto on March 16, and Venus will sextile Pluto on March 18. In most cases, these transits would not have much impact. On the other hand, Pluto seemed to play a big role in the spread of Covid-19 last year, at least in the United States. These soft transits could mark the beginning of the end of the restrictions that were imposed to stop the spread of this disease.

March 20

The Sun will enter Aries today. This will bring some dryness which will start to bring focus and will help people to act on recent ideas.

The chart for the Sun’s ingress into Aries is considered the chart of the new season and the new astrological year. I will be posting a separate article about this chart shortly.

March 21

Venus will enter Aries today. Venus loses dignity when she moves into Aries. She is exalted in Pisces and in detriment in Aries. This could be difficult for relationships, and there can be more conflict than usual while Venus is in this sign.

On this same day, Mercury will sextile Uranus and Mars will trine Saturn. Many people will be focused on their work and their own ideas today. This is not bad for getting things done, but it is not great for relationships or people’s personal lives.

This also marks the First Quarter Moon, which indicates heightened activity for what began at the New Moon.

March 23 – 26

Mercury is square Mars on March 23. Mercury will square the North and South Nodes on March 25, and Mars will conjunct the North Node on March 26. On March 26, the Sun will make an exact conjunction with the Sun in Aries.

This could indicate conflict and misunderstanding which could stem from events happening in the world. Be careful of letting this conflict interfere with your personal relationships.

March 28 to April 10 – Time to Act

At the Full Moon, the Sun and Venus have moved into the Fire Sign, Aries. Aries is a dry sign. There are still five Traditional Planets in wet signs, but the Sun in Aries is quite powerful. It is likely that whatever happened a few days before has brought matters into focus, making decisions much clearer.

This chart is quite hot. Six out of seven of the Traditional Planets are in hot signs. This suggests that this will be a busy and active time. It is likely that the weather will be hotter than usual for this time of year.

The Moon, Mars, and Saturn are involved in a Grand Trine in Air, with the Moon in Libra, Mars in Gemini, and Saturn in Aquarius. There will be plenty of opportunities for innovation and creativity during these next two weeks.

The one major issue is that Mercury is closing in on a conjunction with Neptune. This could create misunderstandings. It can also leave some open to illusion and deception.

March 29

The conjunction between Mercury and Neptune becomes exact today. Avoid making major decisions for the next day or so if at all possible.

March 30 – April 1

During these three days, Venus and the Sun will each sextile Saturn and the North Node in turn. These transits will tend to bring recent events into focus and could resolve recent tensions.

April 2 & 3

Mercury will sextile Pluto on April 2 before going into Aries on April 3. Mercury does not have any special dignities in Aries, but she is quite debilitated in Pisces. People are likely to be more blunt and candid than usual. This could lead to conflict, but it can also clear up recent misunderstandings.

April 4

This will be the Third Quarter Moon, which is the time for completing projects and doing things that you want to have done and over with quickly. For those in the United States, from now until April 8 would be a good time to file your taxes if you have not already done so.

April 6

Venus will sextile Mars, which should be good for relationships, and it will be especially good for doing activities with loved ones.

April 9 & 10

These will be a rather hectic couple of days. Mars will square Neptune and the North Node will trine Saturn on April 9. On April 10, Mercury will sextile the North Node, Saturn, and Jupiter.

With the exception of Mars square Neptune, most of the transits are positive and productive. Avoid getting caught up in deception, however, which could distract from your forward progress. Do not believe everything you hear.

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