Aries Ingress 2021 – Opening Up Again

Each of the four Cardinal Points of the year, which are the Solstices and the Equinoxes, represents a turning point. In places of the world that have four seasons, they mark when the seasons change. Of these four points, the Aries Ingress is the most important. This is the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, and the beginning of the astrological year in Western Astrology.

For this reason, the chart of the Aries Ingress dominates the entire year, and not just the season.

The past year was a difficult one, to say the least. Covid-19 dominated everything, and most people in the world endured lockdowns and quarantines.

Now, there are several vaccines available, and there are glimmers of hope in the air. The big question is whether we can trust this hope. Will things get better?

This is where astrology can be quite useful. We can see things that modern science, the media, and common sense cannot. It is not infallible. Astrologers are human, and they have their own biases and failings, and like everyone else, they make mistakes.

Even so, astrological charts do not lie, and from what I can see from the Aries Ingress chart of 2021, it really does look like things will be getting better. The world is going to start opening back up this year.

A New Chart

The chart for this year’s Aries Ingress chart is quite different from last year’s.

Below is the Aries Ingress chart for last year:

This chart has a heavy concentration of planets in Capricorn, and it is quite dry. Five out of seven of the Traditional Planets are in dry signs. The biggest themes of the past year have been restrictions and separation, which are a feature of the dry humor.

For a full analysis of last year’s Aries Ingress chart, see:

Aries Ingress 2020 – A Time of Testing

Below is the Aries Ingress chart for 2021:

In this chart, six out of seven of the Traditional Planets are in wet signs. Indeed, the only planet in a dry sign is the Sun, who by definition must be in the dry sign of Aries for this chart.

The wet signs are Air and Water, and these signs are difficult, perhaps even impossible, to contain. I think that we are going to see the end of restrictions. I do not think that this end will come through protests, but because they will no longer be necessary. This is a very gentle chart.

The Sun, which is the only planet in a Fire Sign, is not making any hard aspects. Venus is coming up on a conjunction with her from Pisces. Mars and the Moon in Gemini are respectively forming a trine with Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius.

The Nodes are involved with Mars and the Moon, which could complicate matters, but I think that in the sign of Gemini, this will mean advancements in technology. This seems to be a very good sign regarding the effectiveness of the vaccines.

In judging a chart, one of the important considerations is the path of the Moon. In this chart, the Moon went from a conjunction with Mars to a trine with Saturn. After that she crossed the North Node. She is headed towards a trine with Jupiter. This seems further testimony of moving from restrictions to relative freedom.

The Outer Planets, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are out of the way, and are not bothering any of the Traditional Planets, which is also a very good sign for the coming year.

No chart is perfect, and there is one major problematic feature. This is that Mercury in Pisces is moving into a square with Mars in Gemini. Mercury is at her worst in Pisces, being in both Detriment and Fall. This could lead to miscommunication and misinformation getting in the way.


Below are the recommendations for the coming season and year:

  • After the past year, it can be hard to trust in hope, but it really does look like this will be a nice year. Things will get better.
  • It is ok to take things slowly. It will take time to feel normal again, so be gentle with yourself. If you are one of the many people who have experienced loss over this past year, allow yourself time to grieve.
  • Do not expect things to go back to the way they were. Things have changed, and we will not know the full extent of the changes for a while.
  • If you are reading this article, you have survived this far, which is something to be grateful for. It is also something to feel good about.

Thank you for your visit. Comments are always welcome.

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