Transits – April 11 to May 10, 2021: Hot and Cold

This Lunar Cycle will begin in a mild and energetic way, but things will become more of a struggle after the Full Moon.

Even though the transits for 2021 have been quite nice so far, we are coming off 2020 which was an unusually difficult year. Things are not back to normal yet, so everything feels worse than it otherwise would.

Compared to the transits of 2020 and the years preceding it, the challenging transits of the end of this Lunar Cycle are quite easy to manage. On the other hand, they could feel worse than they are because of the collective trauma that the world has been through.

April 11 to April 25 – Smooth Sailing

The New Moon chart for April 11, 2021, is very nice. The Sun is exalted in Aries, and because of this, she strengthens the three other planets in that sign, which are the Moon, Mercury, and Venus.

The Sun, Moon, and Venus are all in a sextile aspect with Mars in Gemini and Jupiter in Aquarius. Mars and Jupiter are trine each other. Mercury and Saturn are sextile. This means that there are no hard aspects between any of the traditional planets, only soft and harmonious ones.

The only potentially difficult aspect in this chart is Venus square Pluto. This could impact relationships, but only if it is allowed to. If you keep your behavior in your relationships on the up and up, there should be no problem.

This chart is very hot. All seven of the traditional planets are in hot signs. This could mean that the weather will be warmer than average over these next two weeks.

With the lack of hard aspects, however, the warmer than average temperature should not pose any difficulties.

April 13

The Sun will sextile Mars. This will produce a great deal of energy, and it will be a good day to put ideas into action.

April 14

Venus will move from Aries to Taurus. This will be a good change, as Venus will be going from a sign that she is in detriment to one that it rules. This should be helpful for relationships and for relaxing and enjoying life.

April 15 – 18

These several days will have a series of related transits. The Sun will sextile Jupiter on April 15. On April 16, she will square Pluto. On April 17, Mercury will sextile Mars and Jupiter. Finally, on April 18, Mercury will conjunct the Sun.

With the exception of the Sun square Pluto, all of the rest of the transits are positive. This should be a great time to get things accomplished, and in general, most things will go according to plan.

The Sun square Pluto will present a temptation to sabotage all of the good efforts with drama and discord. So long as you and those around you avoid that temptation, things should be fine.

April 19

The Sun and Mercury will both enter Taurus. This may feel like a letdown for some people as activity slows down quite a bit. This slowdown is a natural reaction to the previous busy and productive week, however.

April 20

This marks the 1st Quarter Moon. The 1st Quarter Moon is when the themes of the cycle start to emerge and take root. In this Lunar Cycle, most of the activity will occur during the first week. Starting with this 1st Quarter Moon, it will be time to settle and see what grows out of the work that has been done so far.

April 22-25

These several days could start becoming quite stressful, particularly when it comes to relationships.

Venus will conjunct Uranus on April 22. Mars will go into Cancer on April 23. On April 24, Mercury will conjunct Uranus on April 24.

On April 24, Venus will square Saturn. Mercury will square Saturn as well on April 25, and then it will join Venus.

Many people have been with the same people in quarantine for over a year. While in some ways, this can strengthen relationships, it can also be a stress and a strain.

These transits will present a big temptation to get into fights with those that you love. While any such fights could open the door for good communication, there will be a desire for separation and independence.

It is best not to make any decisions about relationships until this mini-storm as passed.

April 26 to May 10 – Rougher Waters

The Full Moon chart of April 26 is a much tenser chart than the New Moon chart was. The chart also has a sharp shift in temperature.

As discussed above, the New Moon chart had all seven traditional planets in hot signs. This chart has five out of seven traditional planets in cold signs. This could indicate a lot of different things, but one of them is a literal change in weather from unusually warm to unusually cold in many places.

Just as a quick change of temperature may come with storms in the weather, a shift in chart temperature can also come with figurative storms.

The Full Moon occurs three degrees away from Uranus, with the Sun conjunct Uranus and the Moon opposing it. I believe that the impact of the Outer Planets is optional, however.

The Sun and Moon are also both square Saturn, though. Unlike the Outer Planets, Saturn must be experienced and dealt with. There is no getting around Saturn.

Given this, there are likely to be obstacles and hindrances that are frustrating and that block forward progress. To further complicate matters, Mars will be in Cancer, which will tend to make many people grumpier than usual.

But it is not all bad news. Mercury is just separating from a conjunction with Venus, and Mars is separating from a trine with the Moon and a sextile with the Sun. Saturn is also trine the North Node and sextile the South Node.

There will be help in terms of good communication and a willingness and desire to overcome difficulties. It is also important to understand that, even with its difficulties, we have been through much, much worse over the past few years. This is something that we can handle.

April 27

Pluto stations retrograde. I tend not to place too much emphasis on the Outer Planets, but the movements of Pluto seem to have corresponded with developments in the current Covid crisis. This could indicate the possibility of setbacks in terms of the efforts to fight this disease.

If so, it will only be a minor one. Last year, the traditional planets were heavily entangled with Pluto. This year, they are not.

On the other hand, the planets in Taurus will be moving into a trine with Pluto. Even so, I do not anticipate a huge problem.

April 29 & 30

Mercury will sextile Neptune on April 29, and the Sun will conjunct Uranus on April 30. This could result in misinformation and the impulse to separate from loved ones in a fit of temper. Avoid any temptation to do so. Any decisions can wait a day or two, until after the Outer Planet temptation has passed.

May 2

Mercury will trine Pluto, and Venus will sextile Neptune. This will bring the opposite temptation from a few days before. It will be easier to trust and believe those who should not be trusted nor believed.

May 3

Mercury will square Jupiter and then move into Gemini. Even though a square is a tense aspect, neither Mercury nor Jupiter want to do any harm.

This will most likely manifest in lively conversations and debates.

Mercury’s move into Gemini will be a positive one, as Mercury rules this sign.

On the other hand, the square between the Sun and Saturn will also become exact on this day. This is a much more problematic aspect. Saturn is perfectly happy to do harm and to make life miserable. This could be a day that people are prone to feelings of being down and discouraged, especially those with planets or major chart points in Fixed Signs.

Try not to give in to any such feelings.

This is also the day of the 3rd Quarter Moon, which is a good time to wrap things up and do tasks that you want to complete quickly, such as housework.

May 6

Venus will trine Pluto today. This aspect will go unnoticed by most people. At most, it could create a mild temptation towards destructive behavior in relationships.

May 8

As Mercury did a few days earlier, Venus will square Jupiter and then move into Gemini.

In general, a square between two benefics, such as Venus and Jupiter, does not do much in the way of harm. Some people could feel a temptation towards overindulgence today, however.

The move from Taurus to Gemini is not a good one for Venus, though, as she will be moving away from a sign that she rules.

May 10

Mercury will conjunct the North Node and oppose the South Node. This may help in getting good information about matters of a community or global nature.

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