Transits – February 11 to March 12, 2021 – Aquarius Extravaganza

Over 2020 and the beginning of 2021, we have seen a lot of activity and a lot of changes. In comparison, the Lunar Cycle between February 11 and March 12 promises to be rather steady, at least for the first two weeks of the cycle.

There will be an unusually strong influence of the sign Aquarius this cycle. In modern times, Aquarius has been viewed as the sign of progress and revolution. In practice, however, Aquarius does not tend to be an agent of change. Aquarius is a Fixed Sign, and is arguably the most immovable of the Fixed Signs.

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This will not be a cycle of major changes, but will instead be a time of establishing rhythms and routines.

February 11 to February 26 – Settling in

The New Moon chart of February 11 is unusual in that ALL of the Traditional planets are in Fixed Signs. Six out of seven of them are in Aquarius. The most obvious reading for this is that nothing will be changing in these next two weeks. Things that are in motion will remain in motion, and things that are stuck will remain stuck.

This is not a good time to make major changes particularly if they involve other people. The most stubborn parts of all of our souls will be activated, and our collective tendency to resist change will be quite strong.

On a positive note, the two benefics, Venus and Jupiter, are in a tight conjunction. This will bring out the better qualities of this Lunation.

These next couple of weeks will be a good time to reinforce healthy routines that we have already started. Look at whatever is going well in your life and continue along the path of developing and strengthening these areas. Do not worry about the things that are not going well or things that you need to change. There will be time to deal with those when the Fixed influence has broken up a little.

February 13 & 14

Mercury, which is still retrograde, will conjunct Venus on February 13 and Jupiter on February 14. Vensu will also trine the North Node on February 14.

These will be good days for communication and to clear up long standing misunderstandings on an individual and collective level.

February 17

Saturn will square Uranus on this day. The impact of this transit will be largely a matter of choice, collectively and individually. This could indicate a major shake-up, especially on the world stage. It could also come to nothing.

February 18

The Sun will be moving into Pisces, which will start the process of loosening the Fixed influence. Some people may begin to be willing to let go of their entrenched behaviors and attitudes.

February 19

Today is the day of the 1st Quarter Moon.Venus will also square Mars on this day. This could be a day in which gender issues come to the forefront.

February 20

Mercury will make a station and go direct today. While Mercury is still in the Fixed Sign of Aquarius, this transit is another indicator of movement away from the entrenched position from earlier in the cycle.

February 24 – 26

There will be a couple minor transits to Outer Planets during these few days, namely Mars trine Pluto on February 24 and the Sun sextile Uranus on February 25. Soft transits to the Outer Planets are rather weak influences. At worst, people may be a little more prone to temptation coming from negative influences on these days.

Venus will move into Pisces on February 25, which will be a very positive move and will be good for relationships.

On February 26, Jupiter will trine the North Node, which could bring good news when it comes to world affairs.

February 27 to March 12 – Loosening up and letting go

The Full Moon chart of February 27 is a lot less entrenched than the New Moon chart was. Three of the planets, the Sun, the Moon, and Venus have moved on to Mutable Signs. The remaining four Traditional Planets are still in Fixed Signs, though. On the other hand, there are no planets in Cardinal Signs, so there is nothing in this chart that would generate initiative.

This is still not a good time to begin new projects or activities, especially if they involve major changes. Instead, start looking at things that you may be willing to let go of in order to make room for change at a later date.

March 2 – 4

There will be a few transits involving Mercury during these several days. On March 2, Mercury will trine the North Node. On March 3, Mercury will sextile Uranus, and on March 4, this planet will conjunct Jupiter.

This could make for some interesting conversations. It will also be a good time to think of creative ways to solve problems on an individual and collective level.

March 5

This is the day of the 3rd Quarter Moon. The 3rd Quarter Moon marks the time to start wrapping up the Lunar Cycle to make way for the new one.

This one will be a little different in that Sun will be squaring the Nodes and the Moon will be conjunct the South Node and opposite the North Node. This indicates that there will be activity on a larger scale that will impact people on a personal level.

March 9 & 10

Venus will square the Nodes on March 9 and the Sun will be conjunct Neptune on March 10. These are relatively minor influences. World events may strain relationships, and some people may be prone to falling for illusions.

This may not be the best time to make major decisions.

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