Transits – January 12 to February 10, 2021: In With the New

I have been doing these transit reports for a couple of years now. My aim with these is to give a forecast of the general astrological weather and to help my readers navigate times in which world events may impact their personal lives. I also try to address the higher, metaphysical side of what is going on in the world.

It is not my intent to do a deep analysis of Mundane Astrology or to predict political trends or world events. As a general rule, I do not have enough of an interest in current events or politics to do justice to such an analysis.

In my year forecast for 2021, I said that the transits for this year were quite mild, especially in comparison with recent years. I stand by that, even though from the perspective of someone living in the United States, that does not seem to coincide with current events.

Events of January 6, 2021

In the interests of transparency and full disclosure, I have to admit I am quite shaken by what happened in the U.S. Capitol last week. It is hard to write objectively about any of this, and I was tempted to not do a transit article at all for this next lunar cycle. As it is, I have put it off until the very last minute. My productivity has ground to a halt, and I can only take it in a little at a time.

I have not and will not do a full astrological analysis of this event, but I think that there are some things of note. One of them is that this occurred on the last day of Mars’ six month sojourn in her own sign of Aries. Often the last degree of a sign is the most intense expression of that sign.

The other major factor is that Mars will square Saturn for a third time, but it will occur in two new signs. The aspect will not be exact until the morning of January 13, but its impact is already being felt.

Mars usually stays in one sign for about two months, but like all planets other than the Sun and Moon, goes retrograde or backward from time to time. When that happens, she stays in one sign for a long time. This is why Mars has been in Aries for over six months.

During Mars’ sojourn through Aries, she formed a square with Saturn twice, once in August of 2020 and a second time in late September through early October. At that time, Mars was in Aries and Saturn was in Capricorn. Aries and Capricorn are both Cardinal Signs, and the impact was to increase the overall volatility in the world.

The third “hit” of an aspect is the resolution of the issue. In this case, Saturn is in Aquarius and Mars is in Taurus, which are both Fixed Signs. This indicates that there will be a change in focus. A square is a tense aspect overall, but in Fixed Signs it is less volatile and brings about more lasting change.

From this, I do think that the situation is going to settle down, but that it will also produce lasting changes. This is the culmination and conclusion of the unrest of 2020, and I do not see it continuing for much longer, at least not for the average person.

Now that I have addressed that, let us look at the transits of January 12 through February 10, 2021.

January 12 to January 27 – echos of 2020

In 2020, most of the astrological action occurred in the late degrees of Capricorn. Jupiter and Saturn were in Capricorn for most of the year. Pluto hovered between 22 and 24 degrees of this sign all year. In this chart, Pluto is still at 24 degrees of Capricorn, but Jupiter and Saturn have moved on.

The New Moon, which is a Sun/Moon conjunction, will take place at 23 Capricorn, a degree away from Pluto. This will seem like last year, but the Moon moves very quickly, and the Sun moves a degree a day. This means that this configuration will not last long.

Also, as discussed above, Mars has already moved on to Taurus and is not interacting with the Moon or Pluto. Last year, Mars was involved in the more volatile events that happened.

Mars is in a tight square with Saturn, but as I said in the previous section, this is the third and final occurrence of this transit. Mars is moving into a square with Jupiter followed by a conjunction with Uranus. This has the potential to be concerning, but it does not have to be. Those with planets in the early degrees of Fixed Signs will feel the impact the strongest.

This chart has a final dispositor, who is Saturn in Aquarius. This indicates that calmer and more sober heads will prevail in the following two weeks.

January 13 & 14

The choices that are made on these two days will determine the outcome of the next two weeks. On January 13, the Mars-Saturn square will be exact, and a few hours after it begins to separate, the Moon will transfer the light of Saturn to Mars, by joining with Saturn and from there immediately square Mars.

On January 14, Uranus will turn direct after having been retrograde since August 15, 2020. The Sun will also conjunct Pluto on this day.

The outcome of this will depend on choices that are made on an individual and collective level. While the Mars-Saturn square will have an impact regardless of what people do, the involvement of Uranus and Pluto is optional. These influences can be avoided if people choose.

January 17

Jupiter will square Uranus on this day. On a basic level, this transit symbolizes a conflict between harmony and disorder. In this conflict, though, disorder is a choice.

January 19 – 21

The Sun will enter Aquarius on January 19. Mars will join Uranus on January 20, and the Moon will activate this transit again on January 21. The impact of Mars conjunct Uranus will depend on what has happened over the prior week. It could signify nothing, or it could represent more volatility.

On a personal level, be careful of being overly independent or picking unnecessary fights.

Mercury will trine the North Node and sextile the South Node on January 20. This could help with communication on the world level.

January 20 will also be the 1st Quarter Moon, in which what started at the New Moon will begin to sprout.

January 23

Mars will square Jupiter, and the Sun will conjunct Saturn. These transits will start moving us away from the previous year and into the new one.

January 26

The Sun will square Uranus on this day. This is a part of the series of Uranus transits that would have occurred over the past two weeks, and its impact will depend on how well these transits have been navigated. This could be a volatile day, or it could have no impact at all.

January 28 to February 10 – moving Forward

The Full Moon chart of January 28 is quite different than the New Moon chart of January 12. Four of the seven Traditional Planets are in Aquarius. Only Venus is still in Capricorn. Venus is with Pluto, but that aspect will have begun to separate.

The Full Moon itself is between the Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Leo. Both of these planets are squared by Mars in Taurus. Uranus is there as well, but all of the planets except Saturn are separating from their aspect with Uranus.

Mars in Taurus is much calmer than Mars in Aries was, but she can be quite stubborn in this sign. There will also be a tendency to hold grudges, which could impede the path forward. Even so the square will bring energy and movement.

The promising feature in this chart is that the Sun is tightly conjunct Jupiter, which will bring a much needed positive outlook into the world.

This will be when we will really start to get a glimpse of what the new year will bring.

January 30

Mercury will go retrograde for the first time this year at the end of Aquarius. Mercury retrogrades are times for reflection and reconsideration. After the events of January, this time for reflection will be welcome.

For more information about Mercury retrogrades, see:

The Mercury Retrograde Cycle

February 1

Venus will move into Aquarius, which will mean that five of the seven Traditional Planets will be in Aquarius. At this point, everything will feel new and different.

This may not be pleasant for everyone, though, as the Sun will be square Mars. It may be hard for some to accept the changes that have happened.

February 6

Venus will conjunct Saturn and then square Uranus. This could be a difficult day for relationships, and many could feel a sense of distance from those that they love. These are fast moving transits, however, so the difficulties will pass quickly.

February 8

Mercury will join the Sun. There will be a few hours of clarity when the conjunction is exact, but in general, such a close conjunction with the Sun can make communication quite difficult.

February 10

Mercury will square Mars, which could make for difficult conversations. Mercury will also be trine the North Node, so these conversations could be quite productive and help resolve larger issues.

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