Transits – July 9 to August 7, 2021: Vacation Time

I have been writing monthly transits articles for several years now, and they can sometimes be challenging. For the years leading up to 2020 and during 2020, the transits were extremely difficult, and the challenge was to report them without scaring my readers too much.

This Lunar Cycle, there is the opposite challenge. Not much is happening with respect to transits, especially not during the first two weeks.

This means that there will not be a push to get things done, but there will also not be any real obstructions either.

It is a good time to relax, take a break, or go on a vacation. Things will go on as they have been going, for both good and ill. Life will be rather ordinary during this Lunar Cycle.

July 9 to July 22: Talk without action

The New Moon chart of July 9, 2021 is a bit noisy. Venus and Mars are together in Leo, and Mercury is in the later degrees of Gemini. Yet, there is not really anywhere for these planets to go.

Venus and Mars are separating from an aspect with Saturn and will not make another aspect until they move into an opposition with Jupiter as they are changing signs.

Mercury is moving into a trine with Jupiter, but it will not perfect this trine until she is in the quieter sign of Cancer.

The Sun and Moon are not making any aspect with any of the Traditional Planets. They are moving into a trine with Neptune and an opposition with Pluto, however. Still, the transit with the Outer Planets will not do much other than potentially disrupt the peace of people whose nativity charts are directly impacted.

Lunations such as this give a lot of opportunity for freedom of action, as there is no strong pull in any direction.

July 11 & 12

Mercury will go into Cancer on July 11 and perfect a trine with Jupiter on July 12. This is a nice aspect, but it is not quite as nice as it could be.

Jupiter is in one of her own signs, Pisces. This makes her strong, although she is retrograde. On the other hand, Pisces is not too fond of Mercury. This means that Mercury will not be all that helpful to Jupiter.

Yet, Mercury is in Cancer, the sign that exalts Jupiter. So, this aspect will be more helpful if you concentrate on Jupiter. Try to see the overall picture and seek harmony and avoid getting lost in details or seeking perfection.

July 13

The conjunction between Venus and Mars in Leo will be exact today. Neither Venus nor Mars is happy in Leo, and this could cause some conflict in personal relationships. It could also create some issues related to gender in the news.

Even so, these issues will be quite temporary and will be resolved within a few days.

July 15 – 17

The Sun will trine Neptune on July 15 and oppose Pluto on July 17. These type of transits to the Outer Planets have the potential to create difficulties but only if we let them. Stay sensible and do not get carried away by rumor or gossip, and everything should be fine.

July 17 is also the date of the 1st Quarter Moon, which is the time to bring new ideas and projects to the forefront.

July 20 – 22

These will be unusually active days with respect to transits. On July 20, Mercury will sextile Uranus. In most cases, this transit would not do more than produce some restlessness and agitation.

Yet, the next day, on July 21, Venus will move from Leo to Virgo. Venus did not have any dignity in Leo, but she is in her Fall in Virgo. On July 22, she will oppose Jupiter. Later that morning the Sun will move into Leo.

The restlessness from the Mercury/Uranus sextile could feed into difficulties with relationships over these few days. The Sun entering Leo is positive as this is the sign that she rules. On the other hand, combined with the other transits, this could indicate a potential for pride and ego getting in the way of being able to resolve conflicts or difficulties.

July 23 to August 7: Roadblocks ahead

The Full Moon chart of July 23, 2021 starts to get a little more hairy. The Sun and Moon are moving into contact with Saturn, with the Moon forming a conjunction and the Sun forming an opposition. The aspects are wide in the chart, but they are applying. This means that they are getting closer.

Jupiter is still in Pisces, but going retrograde back into Aquarius. Aquarius is not a bad placement for Jupiter, but it is not the sign that she rules like Pisces is.

Venus is still opposed to Jupiter, but this aspect is separating. Mercury heading towards a trine with Neptune and an opposition with Pluto.

This is a very busy chart, especially compared to the previous New Moon chart. On the other hand, there is not a coherent theme to this chart. The most important aspects are the ones between the Sun, Moon, and Saturn, and they do not help in terms of productivity or forward progress.

These two weeks can be frustrating if you have a particular goal in mind, but if you are willing and able to take some time off or to relax, it should be fine.

July 24 & 25

Mercury’s trine to Neptune will be exact on July 24, and her opposition to Pluto will be exact on July 25. Be skeptical of anything that you find out over these next couple of days, either on a personal level or in the news. There is a strong risk of misinformation under these transits.

July 27

Mercury will go into Leo from Cancer. This is a neutral move for Mercury. She does not have much dignity in either of these signs. Many people were in a quiet mood during Mercury in Cancer. This will swing in the other direction while Mercury is in Leo. They will tend to be louder than usual during this time.

July 28

Jupiter will move back into Aquarius today. This will dampen spirits a little, as Jupiter is leaving her own sign for a few months. People may feel a little less optimistic and hopeful. This will be a minor change, though, and it will be temporary.

July 29

This will be a busy day in terms of transits. Venus will square the North and South Nodes, and Mars will oppose Jupiter right before entering Virgo.

None of these transits are troublesome, though. The transition of Mars from Leo to Virgo is a positive one. As a very hot planet, Mars does better in cool signs that moderate her. This will give some energy for positive action.

July 31 – August 2

July 31 is the day of the 3rd Quarter Moon, which is usually a time that the Lunar Cycle begins to wind down. Even so, there will be several transits involving the Sun and Mercury over the next few days.

These transits will begin with the Sun sextile the North Node and trine the South on July 31. On August 1, Mercury will make the same aspects and then join the Sun.

After passing the Sun on August 1, Mercury will oppose Saturn. The Sun will oppose Saturn on August 2.

These transits will be the most difficult ones that we have seen over this past Lunar Cycle. While there could be good ideas, they will be blocked by Saturn. It will be important not to get discouraged too soon. The blockages caused by Saturn will not be permanent.

August 3

Venus will trine Uranus and Mercury will square this planet. As this will occur right after the Saturn transits described above, there could be some volatility related to the frustration of blocked progress. Stay out of the fray, and things should be fine.

August 6

The Sun will square Uranus today, which could be a reverberation of Mercury square Uranus a few days earlier.

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