Transits August 8 to September 5, 2021: Big Ideas and Practical Details

2021 has been a rather quiet year with respect to transits. As with every year, there is a lot going on in the world, and some people’s lives will be calm and other’s will be chaotic. Still, the overall astrological weather is neither a big help nor a big hindrance.

This has been true for most of the year, and it continues to be true for this Lunar Cycle.

The Lunation Charts are a little more active than they have been this past year, but overall, the transits are still quite mild.

There will not be a lot of push for taking the initiative or getting things accomplished. Instead, the focus will be on brainstorming and making plans.

August 8 to August 21: Ambitious plans

The most important aspect in the New Moon chart of August 8 is an opposition between Mercury in Leo and Retrograde Jupiter in Aquarius. Both Mercury and Jupiter operate primarily in the realm of ideas. These planets will push each other to brainstorm and make plans.

With Leo involved, these plans will likely be ambitious and grand, especially as the New Moon itself will occur in that sign.

Unfortunately, these plans and ideas are not likely to go anywhere, at least not at this time. None of the Traditional Planets are in Cardinal Signs, which means that there will not be much initiative towards taking action.

Mars, the planet which governs action, is in Virgo. Virgo is not a bad placement for Mars, but this sign does not have a lot of patience for expansive ideas and will not lend support to Mercury or Jupiter. Mars is also square the North and South Nodes, which could make for troubling news on the world stage.

For the most part, this chart is relatively innocuous, but there is one potential problematic feature. Venus is in Virgo, where she is in Fall. She is also moving into an opposition with Neptune and a trine with Pluto.

This could lead to difficulties with relationships because of false information. With this particular configuration, people will tend to view the actions of others in a more negative light than is warranted. As much as possible, give others the benefit of the doubt during this time. Most suspicions will be unfounded.

August 9

This is the day that the opposition between Venus and Neptune will be exact. There will be the temptation to listen to rumors about loved ones or to succumb to unfounded suspicions. It is best not to act on any information that you hear. It is likely to be false.

August 10

The opposition between Mercury and Jupiter will be exact. This will be a great day to make plans and brainstorm. If you want these ideas to go anywhere, though, take the time to write them down so that you remember them when the transits are more conducive to action.

August 11

This is a rather busy day for transits. Mars will square the North and South Nodes, Mercury will move into Virgo, and the trine between Venus and Pluto will be exact.

The move into Virgo is a positive one for Mercury. That is the sign where she both rules and is exalted. Ordinarily, that would make things more clear, but Mercury is also moving towards Mars and will be squaring the Nodes as well.

Still, it will help with communication and getting accurate information about what is going on.

The trine between Venus and Pluto is a potential sub-theme. If it has any impact at all, it will be because of the rumors and misinformation from a couple of days ago.

August 15

This is the day of the First Quarter Moon, when the themes of this cycle will start to become manifest.

Mercury will be square the Nodes, which will help shed light on whatever happened the previous week.

Venus will enter Libra today as well, which is her own sign. This will be quite helpful for relationships and will help to reconcile any problems that might have recently occurred due to misinformation.

August 18

Mercury will conjunct Mars today. Yet, this will probably not be bad and may actually be helpful. Mercury is quite strong in Virgo, and Mars is happy there as well. This should help to bring the big ideas from the beginning of the cycle to a more sensible and practical level which could be implemented in the future.

August 19-21

The Sun will move into an opposition with Jupiter on August 19, which will tend to create a sense of optimism and purpose.

There are some other transits that have potential to interfere with this, however. Uranus will turn retrograde on August 19, and Mercury will trine Uranus on August 20. Then on August 21, Venus will trine the North Node and sextile the South Node.

No matter how talented one is, no one can accomplish anything without other people. Avoid the temptation to think that you can do everything by yourself.

August 22 to September 5: Coming Back to Earth

In the Full Moon chart of August 22, the Sun is in the final degree of Leo. The final degree of a sign tends to intensify the qualities of that sign, especially when a planet is leaving a sign that it rules. In this case, it is often a bit of a let down, as the planet will lose a great deal of dignity when changing signs.

The Moon is also in the final degree of Aquarius, which means that it will make no other aspect until changing signs. Prior to the opposition with the Sun, the Moon was conjunct Jupiter. There may be one final push towards grandiosity, until things settle down in the cooler signs.

In the Full Moon chart, there is one planet in a Cardinal Sign, which is Venus in Libra. Venus is moving into a trine with Saturn, which in this case will tend to be positive. Saturn is in her own sign of Aquarius and is exalted in Libra. This should promote slow, cautious forward movement.

August 22

In addition to the Full Moon, the Sun will move into the sign of Virgo. This is not a positive move for the Sun, as she will be leaving her own sign and moving into one of the night signs.

This will tend to slow things down and bring a sense of calm.

August 23

This is the day that the trine between Venus and Saturn becomes exact. This will tend to be a positive aspect, encouraging sensible action.

August 24

Today Mercury will oppose Neptune. This does not have to have any impact at all, but it is probably not a good day to make decisions, as it could cloud the judgment of some people.

August 26

Mercury will trine Pluto. This will probably not impact most people. It could bring an attraction to Darkness, however, which is best avoided.

August 29

The Sun will square the North and South Nodes. This will tend to impact the world stage rather than being personal.

August 30

Mercury will move from Virgo to Libra. This will be a loss of strength for Mercury, but she does still have some dignity in Libra.

This is also the day of the Third Quarter Moon, when the themes of this cycle start to wind down. It is time to wrap things up rather than start anything new.

The exception to this is that it is a good time to start anything that you want to finish quickly.

September 2

Mars will oppose Neptune. This could create problems with acting upon false information.

September 3 & 4

Mercury will trine the North Node and sextile the South Node on September 3 and trine Saturn on September 4.

This should help bring some clarity, particularly to issues on the world stage.

September 5

Venus will square Pluto today. This could go by unnoticed, but it could also bring volatility to relationships. The important thing is to avoid temptations to do things that could damage your relationships.

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