Transits – June 24 to July 8, 2021: Standoff in Fixed Signs

The Full Moon of June 24, 2021 will be the first clear Lunation after Eclipse Season. This past Eclipse Season was remarkably mild.

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Below is the chart for the Full Moon:

The most noticeable feature of this chart is an opposition between Mars and Saturn. It is four degrees from exact, but as Saturn is retrograde, both planets are moving towards the collision.

This opposition is in Fixed Signs. Mars is in Leo, and Aquarius is in Saturn. Clashes in Fixed Signs are not explosive, per se. They can be intractable, however. It is in the nature of Fixed Signs to avoid change or compromise.

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Uranus is also agitating things, squaring both Mars and Saturn.

All connections between Mars and Saturn can be problematic. They are both malefics, but their nature is quite different from each other. Mars wants to push forward, and Saturn wants to stand still. In this opposition, Saturn is the stronger of the two, being in her own sign.

Mars is loud and dramatic in Leo, but does not have the dignity to do more than blow hot air. Saturn is as strong as she can be in Aquarius. This holds true even though she is retrograde.

This is not a good time for getting anything important accomplished or making major changes.

On a positive note, the Sun is in a nice trine with Jupiter.The trine is separating, and Jupiter is retrograde, but it is still helpful and will keep Mars and Saturn from doing too much in the way of damage.

Also, Mercury is now direct in her own sign of Gemini.

While this is not a good time for action or change, it is a good time for ideas and creativity. Let ideas flower and germinate until the impasse between Mars and Saturn clears.

June 26

Venus will move into Leo. This will bring relationships into the mix. If you have difficulties with those close to you during this time, don’t try to solve anything now. It most certainly can wait until everyone is in a more receptive mood.

July 1

This is the day of the 3rd Quarter Moon. It is also when the opposition between Mars and Saturn will be exact.

This is when things could come to a head both on the world stage and in the personal lives of many individuals.

July 3

Mars will move into a square with Uranus today. This will probably be a continuation of the last couple of days. Try to keep things in perspective. It will be tempting to add fire to the flame, but this temptation can be avoided.

July 6

Venus will oppose Saturn, and Mercury will square Neptune. This may be a day in which getting along with others will be especially difficult. It will also be easy to get caught up in baseless rumors.

If you are upset with someone, it is almost certain that you do not have all of the information to deal with it well.

July 8

Venus will square Neptune today. This could pass unnoticed. On the other hand, if you got caught up in rumors or falsehoods over the last few days, this trend will deepen and continue. This is not a good time to make major decisions.

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