Taurus 牡牛座

Taurus is a sign with simple tastes. Good food, pleasant surroundings, and peace and quiet all make Taurus very happy. Taurus is one of the most stable of the signs, and she dislikes change or disruption of any kind. This sign likes to accumulate things, such as property, money, and relationships. Once she sees something as hers, she is unlikely to ever let it go.

Taurus by Season


Western astrology uses the Tropical Zodiac, which means that the Spring Equinox (or the Fall Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere) marks 0° Aries. The zodiac is then divided into 30° segments from that point, which are the 12 signs. Taurus is the second sign along the zodiac wheel.

Because the Tropical Zodiac is tied to the Equinoxes and the Solstice points, you can generally tell the sign that your Sun so long as you know your birthday. The Sun is in Taurus from approximately April 20 to May 20 every year. The dates do vary a little at the beginning and the end, so if you were born between April 19-21 or May 19-21, you may want to have your chart calculated to be sure of your Sun Sign.


Taurus is the Fixed Sign of Spring. The life that began during Aries is starting to grow and take root. Indeed, this is the main theme of Taurus, setting down roots. Life at the beginning of Taurus is still fragile. If it is moved, it may not survive. Almost all of the traits of Taurus can be understood with this simple analogy. Taurus needs to stay put and accumulate resources so that life can grow and flourish.

Taurus’ Holidays


In the West, the main holiday that occurs during the time the Sun is in Taurus is May Day. May Day is celebrated through Europe in many different forms. In Filianism, it is celebrated as the Festival of the Exaltation of the Queen of Heaven. This day is important because it is the cross-quarter between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere.

Taurus by Element

Earth Taurus

Taurus is an Earth Sign. While all of the material elements are part of the physical world, Earth is the most physical of all. Earth is solid and steady, and it is the element that is most attached to the pleasures and cares of this world. Earth brings form to our existence.

As an Earth Sign, Taurus is a Night Sign, and she is also Hard.

Taurus’ Dignities and Debilities


Each of the planets is a reflection of one of the planetary principles. Although the planetary principles are perfect and are always in their highest state, the health of the each of planets varies from time to time. One of the ways to determine the health of a planet at a particular time is by what sign she is in. The signs are friendlier to some planets than to others. The comfort or discomfort of a planet in a sign can be determined by her essential dignities and debilities. Below are the essential dignities and debilities of the planets in Taurus.

Ruler – Venus

Over the centuries, Venus’ role has become more and more trivialized. She has become associated primarily with fertility and erotic or romantic love. While these areas are certainly under her jurisdiction, her powers are much broader. Her highest principle is no less than Divine Love itself, and the Creation that flows from that love. It is fitting that she rules the sign of Taurus, which is the sign most associated with the pleasures of this world. Venus is a Night planet, and Taurus is her Night House. This means that Venus is at her strongest in this sign.

Sai Sushuri doll

Exaltation – The Moon

While it is the Sun that gives us life, it is the Moon that regulates and times every aspect of our lives. The Moon is the Luminary that is the most closely connected with the rhythms involved in the growth and development of everything from plants to humans. It is fitting for her to be exalted in Taurus.

Triplicity Rulers

All three signs of an Element are ruled by their Triplicity Rulers. In the Dorothean system, the rulers of Earth are Venus by day, the Moon by night, and Mars is the participating ruler. William Lilly also assigns Venus to Earth by day and the Moon by night. In his system, however, there is no participating ruler.

Detriment – Mars

Mars is the principle that governs conflict and strife. Unfortunately, these principles are also a part of our existence, which is why Mars does have some dignity in Taurus as one of the triplicity rulers. On the other hand, conflict and strife are not conducive to growth and prosperity, so Mars is not very welcome in this sign.


No planet is in Fall in Taurus.


In addition to the planets that have dignity in a sign in its entirety, there are planets that rule specific degrees of each sign. These are known as the planet’s terms or bounds. There are two main systems of the division of the terms, Egyptian and Chaldean.

Egyptian Terms for Taurus

0 – 8  Venus

8 – 14  Mercury

14 – 22  Jupiter

22 – 27  Saturn

27 – 30 Mars

Chaldean Terms for Taurus

0 – 8  Venus

8 – 15  Mercury

15 – 22  Jupiter

22 – 26  Saturn

26 – 30 Mars


Each sign is divided into three parts, known as face or decantes. Each face has a separate ruler. The faces of Taurus and their rulers are:

0 – 10 Mercury

10 – 20 Moon

20 – 30 Saturn

Taurus and the Body


Taurus rules the throat and the neck. Those with Taurus prominent in their chart need to watch out for illness and injuries to these areas. This is also the case for those who have a Sagittarius Ascendant because Taurus will govern the 6th House of injury and illness.

Those with Venus or the Moon in Taurus need to be especially careful of problems with the throat and the neck because the strong parts of a person’s chart are the most dangerous. This is also true for those with Libra Ascendants because Taurus will rule the 8th House of Death.

Taurus in a Nativity Chart

When reading a Nativity Chart, most astrologers look first to the placements of the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant, which is also known as the Rising Sign. You can learn these by getting a Nativity Chart report from an astrologer, or by getting a computerized report for free from Astrology Season. Below are brief descriptions of how to interpret a Taurus Sun, Moon, and Ascendant.

Taurus Sun

Taurus is a Night Sign, and the Sun does not have any special dignity in Taurus. This means that if your Sun is in Taurus, she is a bit weak. In Taurus, this translates having a lower amount of energy than normal, unless a high level of activity is shown in other areas of your chart. With a Taurus Sun, you are relaxed and mellow, and you tend to conserve your energy whenever you can.

Taurus Sun by Day

If you have a Taurus Sun by day, your energy level will be a little higher. This is because the Sun is stronger in a day chart. You will also be more likely to show your Taurean qualities. You tend to be conservative in terms of how you manage your life, and you try to avoid change as much as you can.

Taurus Sun by Night

With a Taurus Sun by night, your Taurean nature will be a little more hidden, depending on your Moon Sign. If you have a job that takes up a lot of your energy, you will need to have a sanctuary from stress and activity. You may judge yourself or others may judge you, thinking that you are lazy, but you really do need more rest than most to be happy and healthy.

Taurus Moon

Taurus is a Night Sign, and the Moon is exalted in Taurus. So, if your Moon is in Taurus it is especially strong. You have a fondness for good food, and you will almost certainly be an excellent cook. Gardening is an excellent hobby for you, which will both give you exercise and has the potential for providing you with fresh and healthy ingredients to work with.


Taurus Moon by Day

If you have a day chart, your Taurus Moon will not be quite as strong. You will show more of the qualities of your Sun Sign, and your Taurean activities will likely be hobbies. It will be important for you to make time to enjoy nature and surround yourself with beauty, especially if your Sun is in one of the busier signs.

Taurus Moon by Night

If you have a Taurus Moon by night, your Moon is very strong. You will easily be able to express your love for beauty and artistry in your work or in your daily life. In you, the positive traits of Taurus find their fullest expression. You have a gentle, calm nature, and you are able to enjoy the pleasures of material existence.

Taurus Ascendant

If you have a Taurus Ascendant, you will present yourself in the world in a calm and relaxed way. You are quiet, and you do not try to call attention to yourself. On the other hand, you are not shy or timid. You enjoy being with people, but you do not necessarily want to talk very much.

With a Taurus Ascendant, Venus is the ruler of your chart. Her condition and position will determine many things in your life, including your character and your bodily health.

Using Whole Sign Houses, your Ascendant will determine which planet and sign rule all aspects of your life.

Home – Leo

With a Taurus Ascendant, Sun-ruled Leo governs your 4th House of the home. For you, your home is a source of pride and joy. You gain strength and vitality from being at home, and you also proud of your family lineage and traditions. It will be good for you to live somewhere with plenty of windows to let in sunlight.

Partnership – Scorpio

As calm and relaxed as you tend to be, you can be surprisingly aggressive when it comes to your partnerships. This is because Mars-ruled Scorpio rules your 7th House. You have the tendency to become possessive of your partners, and you are prone to jealousy. You do best with someone who is stable and honest. Fidelity is extremely important to you.

Career and Public Reputation – Aquarius

Although you tend to be conservative in your manner and your appearance, you are likely to have an unusual career. This is because Aquarius governs your 10th House. As Saturn rules Aquarius, you may not be all that passionate about your work. You are much more focused on your home life. Still, you would prefer to stay at the same job for decades it that is at all possible.

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