The Astrology of Sailor Moon – Part II: More Plutonian Overtones and Sailor Pluto

In Part I of this series, I talked about the rich astrological symbolism in Sailor Moon, beginning with the very first story arc, which is a very traditional story, with classic mythic and fairy tale elements. In the first story arc, we met the Sailor Senshi* associated with the Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus, and from an astrological perspective, everything about them is absolutely correct.

I then discussed the beginning of the second story arc, which began with many Plutonian overtones. We met Chibi Usa, a child who was far from innocent. Sailors Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter were all abducted by villains who called themselves Black Moon. Sailor Venus was almost abducted, but was rescued just in time. Tuxedo Kamen discovered his power, the power of the Earth. We learned that Chibi Usa was from the 30th Century, which was in trouble. We left as Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus, and Tuxedo Kamen had agreed to accompany Chibi Usa to the 30th Century.

More Plutonian Overtones

vlcsnap-2018-05-11-14h53m05s193After the rescue of Sailor Venus and before the decision was made to go to the 30th Century, at Chibi Usa’s insistence, they all spent the night at Mamoru-san’s (Tuxedo Kamen’s) apartment. The night was a difficult one. Usagi-chan admitted to feelings of jealousy over Mamoru-san’s attention and affection towards Chibi Usa. She said that Chibi Usa was in love with him. Mamoru-san dismissed this, saying that Chibi Usa was just an elementary school student, and Usagi-chan said that she was a girl, and that her age did not matter. They both became embarrassed at this conversation. As they were talking, Usagi-chan seemed to fade away momentarily, which alarmed Mamoru-san. Mamoru-san and Usagi-chan embraced, and Mamoru-san reassured Usagi-chan of his love for her and his commitment to her protection. They then retired to the bedroom together.

These are interesting developments from the perspective of the overall Plutonian themes of this story arc. In Modern Astrology, Pluto is seen to represent the deeper and darker recesses of our psyche, as well as death and destruction. Modern Astrology considers all of the Outer Planets as “transcendent,” and there is a tendency to see Pluto as a “Higher Octave” of Mars. Some even go so far as to consider Pluto a planet of “transformation.” Modern Astrology also assigned rulership of the sign Scorpio to Pluto, which was traditionally ruled by Mars.

Pluto is not visible to the naked eye, and was not discovered until 1930. As such, it is not one of the planets that was used in Traditional Western Astrology. Many Traditional and Classical Astrologers do not use Pluto at all, and if they do, they do not assign Pluto the rulership of any sign. In my own work and practice, I have come to believe that Pluto represents the modern poison of deformation, or the fascination with disturbing images and the inversion of right and wrong.

The time of the discovery of Pluto was near the end of the life of Sigmund Freud. Freudian psychology, tended to probe into the darker recesses, which coincides with the modern interpretation of Pluto, proposing that our emotional difficulties stemmed from “repression” of these feelings. In modern times, there is a popular belief that these deeper, darker feelings are our “real” feelings, and that our kinder, gentler, and more noble feelings are “phony” or just for show. I think that this way of thinking is part of the poison of Pluto, and that yes, all of us have both virtues and flaws, and all of us have darker emotions and impulses: however, we all also have the choice as what feelings to embrace and what feelings to set aside. I believe that this is what Free Will is truly means.

vlcsnap-2018-05-11-15h12m17s302That night, Sailor Moon’s feline partner, Luna, had a dream that she was back in the past in the Silver Millennium. Sailor Moon’s mother from that time, Queen Serenity, was looking for Luna. It appeared that Luna found her way to a forbidden doorway. Queen Serenity became alarmed. She retrieved Luna from this place, instructing her to forget about it. There is a theme emerging in the story of hidden and forbidden places being found and disturbed.

Sailor Pluto

The next morning, they do leave for the 30th Century, with Chibi Usa leading them. As they were traveling the Senshi and Mamoru-san became separated from Chibi Usa, and in the process, they almost lost Luna. They arrived at a mysterious door and encountered Sailor Pluto, who attacked them. It appears that Sailor is a guardian for this doorway, which is the doorway to space and time, and it is her job to defend it from anyone who breaches it.

vlcsnap-2018-05-11-15h35m58s474It is clear that Sailor Pluto is not a part of the regular world of material existence. She is the guardian for a forbidden area outside of space and time. As an astrologer who uses Classical methodology, I found this really interesting. While Classical Astrologers and those who use Classical methods are divided on whether the Outer Planets have meaning, they agree that they are not a part of the planetary rulership scheme. In Modern Astrology, Pluto rules Scorpio. Classical Astrology teaches that Pluto does not rule any sign, and uses the traditional ruler of Mars for Scorpio. Whether or not the role of Sailor Pluto has any metaphysical accuracy, it is in the realm of possibility. To my surprise, I found that I had no issue with Sailor Pluto from a Classical Astrological perspective. Whatever she represents, it is certainly not a New Age notion of a Higher Octave Mars. I also am in complete agreement with Pluto representing a place where we are not supposed to go.


Before Sailor Pluto delivered the finishing blow, Chibi Usa arrived. Sailor Pluto stopped her attack immediately and talked to Chibi Usa. Chibi Usa confessed to stealing Sailor Pluto’s key and bringing the Senshi there in order to rescue her home. Sailor Pluto was stern, but then embraced Chibi Usa and said she had been worried about Chibi Usa’s disappearance.

We then learn that Chibi Usa is a princess in the 30th Century, and after a brief discussion, Sailor Pluto allowed them to go through the door. When they did, they found a world, the 30th Century Crystal Tokyo, that had been completely destroyed by an explosion, followed by the appearance of a large, mysterious black crystal.


Chibi-Usa began to lead them to her home, the Crystal Palace, but some villains from Black Moon appeared. During the battle, Sailor Moon’s powers would not work; however Tuxedo Kamen’s did, and they were able to win the battle.

After the battle, they arrived at the Crystal Palace, and found a woman who looked like Usagi-chan sleeping inside a large crystal, who was the mother of Chibi Usa and whose name was Neo Queen Serenity. They also met a kitten by the name of Diana. Then, from behind a curtain, a man appeared that looked like Tuxedo Kamen.


Part III: Crystal Tokyo and Planet Nemesis


*In Japanese, senshi means soldier, and the transformation outfits of the Senshi are reminiscent of sailor themed school uniforms

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