Transits – October 16 to November 29, 2020: The Homestretch

We are finally near the end of 2020, which has been quite a year. The reason that this year has been so difficult is that we are in a time of transition.

For more information about this transition, see:

2020 – An Earth-Shattering Year

This year will culminate in a Jupiter/Saturn conjunction, which is also known as a Great Conjunction.

The good news is that we have already experienced or are currently experiencing most of the major astrological events leading up to this conjunction. All that is left is one more Eclipse Season, which will begin on November 24 and end on December 28.

The Lunar Eclipse of the season will be on November 30, and the Solar Eclipse will be on December 14. I will write more about these eclipses in future articles.

October 16 to October 30 – coming to a head

In the New Moon chart of October 16, 2020, five of the seven Traditional Planets are involved in a T-square in Cardinal Signs. Jupiter and Saturn are still in Capricorn, and Mars is still square these planets from Aries. The New Moon in Libra is square Jupiter and Saturn and opposing Mars.

To make matters worse, Pluto is still involved in all of this sitting between Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn.

The planets that are outside of this mess are Venus, who is in Fall, in Virgo, and Mercury, who is retrograde. These planets are also dealing with the Outer Planets. Mercury is opposing Uranus, and Venus is opposing Neptune.

The saving grace is that we are not really going to be dealing with anything new or unexpected. These are the same themes we have been dealing with all year, which have now reached a boiling point.

Most of this will happen on the world stage. The people who will feel the heaviest impact on a personal level will be those who have planets or major chart points in the later degrees of the Cardinal Signs, which are the signs discussed above and Cancer.

Try to stay away from the news as much as you can and find ways to relax and enjoy yourself. This is a good time to start on a major project, which will make good use of all of the Cardinal energy.

October 18 & 19

These will be two very intense days. On October 18, the Sun will perfect her square with Saturn, and Venus her opposition with Neptune. On October 19, Mars will square Jupiter and Venus will trine this planet. Mercury’s opposition to Uranus will also become exact on this day.

Over these days, the themes of this Lunation will come into focus. This will very likely be a heavy day on the world stage. Ordinarily, the trine between Venus and Jupiter would be a very positive aspect, but both planets are in their Fall. Still, this aspect may offer some help to ease the tensions the other planets are causing.

October 21 to October 24

Venus will be coming by with a gentle trine to Pluto on October 21 and then to Saturn on October 24. This should serve to ease some of the tensions from earlier in the week.

In between this, the Sun will be moving into Scorpio on October 22.

October 25

Mercury will conjunct the Sun today, which is one of the turning points in Mercury’s cycle.

For more information, see:

The Mercury Retrograde Cycle

October 27

On this day, Mercury will be returning to the sign of Libra from Scorpio, and Venus will enter Libra from Virgo. Mercury will regain some dignity going back to Libra, and Venus will gain a great deal as she leaves the sign of her Fall to one of the signs that she rules.

This should be helpful in encouraging everyone to be more civil to each other. There may even be opportunities for reconciliation and healing.

October 31 to November 15, 2020 – Possible Easing of Tensions

Surprisingly enough, the Halloween Full Moon Lunation chart does not look that bad. Even though the United States election will be happening during this two-week period, and it has been much more contentious than most, this chart is much less troublesome than the New Moon Lunation chart was.

Mars has moved away from Jupiter and Saturn. She is retrograde, so she will be returning. But for now, however, she is not bothering any of the other planets.

Mercury is squaring Saturn, but this could open the door for communication.

The major wild card in this chart is Uranus, who is within three minutes of the Moon. This can have an impact, but it does not have to.

A couple of years ago, when Uranus was front and center, I discussed how to manage this planet. You can read this article here.

The main thing to remember is that unlike the Traditional Planets, the impact of Uranus is entirely a matter of choice.

November 1

The square between Mercury and Saturn discussed above will become exact today.

November 3

Mercury will turn around and start moving direct today. This should be helpful to ameliorate any confusion.

Mercury will be still be in orb of her square with Saturn, and because she is turning around, it will become exact again in a few days.

November 6

This is the day that Mercury will return to her square with Saturn. If there was any confusion over the last few days, it will get cleared up now.

November 9

Venus will be opposing Mars, which could be difficult for relationships. The Sun will be trine Neptune, so people could be prone to believing things that are not true. If you are angry with someone, it is a good idea to check your facts.

November 10

Mercury will move into Scorpio. Mercury will lose some dignity in this move. There will be less desire to be polite, and instead, there will be an impulse to speak plainly and to know the truth.

November 12 & 13

On November 12, Jupiter will join Pluto for the third and final time before moving on. The last two times that this transit hit, there was a spike in coronavirus cases. We are already experiencing a worldwide spike in cases as I write this.

There is a possibility that this third and final transit will bring some relief to this crisis. I do not want to get too hopeful, but often the third “hit” of a transit does bring resolution to the topic it signifies.

On November 13, Mars will turn direct. This means that she will be crossing over the same territory that she did over the last few months, but this is another sign that we are moving towards resolution.

November 14 to November 29 – A Brief Respite

The New Moon of November 14, 2020 is the last clear Lunation before Eclipse Season. The Lunation chart is the nicest that we have seen in months, perhaps even the entire year.

Mars is still in Aries, but is not bothering any other planet in this chart. Jupiter has moved on and is freeing herself from Pluto. The New Moon in Scorpio is forming a gentle sextile with the Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn configuration. The aspect is exact between the Sun, Moon, and Jupiter.

The only real issues are a coming opposition between Mercury and Uranus and Venus squaring Pluto and Jupiter. Compared to what we have gone through this year, these transits are quite mild.

We are not done with 2020 yet, but these next couple of weeks will be a welcome respite.

November 15

Venus will form an exact square to Pluto and then Jupiter today. This will manifest in a clear choice in relationships between the low road and the high road. Choosing the low road could lead to difficult consequences.

November 17

Mercury’s opposition to Uranus will be exact today. This could lead to difficult communications, but only if people succumb to the temptation to focus solely on themselves.

November 19

The Sun will sextile Saturn, and Venus will square this planet. These transits could lead to a low mood for some people. It is best to be patient with yourself and not to push anything too hard.

November 21

Venus will move into Scorpio, and the Sun will move into Sagittarius. This is a difficult move for Venus, going from a sign she rules to a sign in which she is in detriment. This is a great move for the Sun, who enjoys being in the Fire Signs, though.

Both of these transits call for honesty and candor. Do not shy away from uncomfortable truths.

November 23

Mercury will trine Neptune today. The main concern with this transit is being deceived. Take everything with a grain of salt for the next day or so.

November 24

Eclipse Season begins today.

For more information about Eclipse Seasons and what they represent, see:

Eclipse Seasons and Saros Cycles, The Solar Eclipse of August 11, 2018

November 27 & 28

On November 27, Mercury will sextile Pluto and Venus will oppose Uranus. Neptune will go direct on November 28, and Mercury will sextile Jupiter.

All of these transits are relatively mild, and they will pass by most unnoticed. At worst, there may be a tendency to have pointless fights with loved ones that will be easily resolved.

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  1. Great piece, well done. I like your comment about the outer planets, about their impact being a matter of choice. I fancy since 1781 with the ‘discovery’ of Uranus certain individuals have indeed been choosing them. And also, Mercury turning direct on US election day? How amazing it that?

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