Transits – September 17 to October 15, 2020: Mars vs. Saturn

We are moving into the final months of what has been a very difficult year for many people. We are at the end of a 20-year Jupiter/Saturn cycle.

For more information about Jupiter/Saturn cycles, see:

Generational Astrology, Great Conjunctions, and Pluto

Furthermore, this 20-year cycle marks the end of a roughly 200-year era dominated by Earth and the beginning of one that is governed by Air.

For more information about 2020, see:

2020 – An Earth-Shattering Year

Mars square Saturn

Like much of this year so far, this Lunar Cycle looks to be rather intense. The dominant theme of the cycle will be a square between Mars and Saturn.

Mars is in her own sign of Aries, and Saturn is in her own sign of Capricorn. This means that both planets are strong. At the beginning of the cycle, both are also going retrograde, or backward. They will be locked in a square with each other, which will be in orb for the entire cycle. A square is an aspect of friction.

This aspect can be quite frustrating. Mars wants to move forward quickly, and Saturn wants to take things slowly. This will give a sense of wanting to get things accomplished while progress is impeded or blocked. This aspect will be especially difficult for those who have planets or major chart points in any of the Cardinal Signs, which are, of course, Aries and Capricorn, but also their opposite signs, Libra and Cancer.

The important thing to remember is to cultivate patience and persistence. Many people are still living in some level of quarantine, and it is getting old. The frustration can lead to frayed tempers and things are still likely to be volatile on the world stage.

Even so, this square can be an opportunity to step back and take a hard look at what is going on in your life. Despite the strong urge to do things, it is best to slow down and lower your expectations as much as you can. Allow plenty of time to get things done, and try not to put anything off to the last minute if you can at all avoid it.

September 17 to September 30 – Slow and Steady Wins the race

Although there is friction between Mars and Saturn this entire cycle, in the first two weeks, the clear winner is Saturn. The New Moon is exactly trine Saturn from Virgo. This brings a strong Earth focus to this Lunation chart.

Mars is trying to agitate things from Aries but has no real support from the rest of the chart. Venus is in Leo, but not close enough to form a trine, and she does not have any real power in the sign of Leo.

This is a time to be organized and practical. Keep your temper in check, and if you are able, try to ignore the chaos on the world stage. If you can do that and be content with a slow, steady pace, this is a good time to get things done.

In terms of weather, this chart is extremely dry. Six out of seven of the traditional planets are in dry signs. There might be lower than average rainfall during this two weeks.

The other major feature of this chart is that Mercury in Libra is exactly square Jupiter, who is now direct. This might result in some difficult conversations on a personal level and on the world stage, but there is a chance that compromises may now be possible.

September 21-24

Mercury will square Pluto on September 21 and Saturn on September 23 from Libra. She will then go on to oppose Mars on September 24. Mercury has some dignity in Libra, and Libra is a sign of diplomacy. The Sun will also be entering the sign of Libra on September 22.

These transits have the potential to be positive developments. This year has been tense and divisive on the political level in many places. Libra is the sign of the peacemaker. It is possible that there may be an opportunity for those on different sides of various issues to communicate and come to an understanding.

On a personal level, this opportunity may also arise for many people. If it does, try to take advantage of it.

On September 23, we will also be entering the 1st Quarter Moon Phase, in which the themes of the cycle will have sprouted and are out in the open for all to see.

September 27

Mercury will leave the sign of Libra and enter Scorpio. Mercury loses dignity with this move, so communication will be more difficult. In Scorpio, there will be less of a desire to keep the peace, and more of a desire to uncover whatever may be hidden.

September 28 & 29

Venus will trine Mars on September 28. The next day, on September 29, Saturn will turn direct, and the square between Mars and Saturn will be exact.

This will mark a turning point. There is likely to be more tension on the world stage, but it will feel like something has shifted. Both Jupiter and Saturn will be moving forward from this point on as they march toward their conjunction in Aquarius on the Solstice.

October 1 though October 15, 2020 – Dispersal

Every chart has a particular flavor. The New Moon chart of September 17 was organized and orderly. There were clear themes and sub-themes. In comparison, this Full Moon chart is rather chaotic.

Mars is separating from the square with Saturn and is moving toward a square with Pluto and then with Jupiter. The Sun and Moon moving into a square with Jupiter from the other direction. Mercury is moving into an opposition with Uranus. Venus is separating from a trine with Mars and moving off on her own.

This chart is still very dry. Like the New Moon chart, only Mercury is in a wet sign. This chart is much warmer than the New Moon chart, though, which means that these two weeks will be quite active.

October 2

Venus will enter the sign of Virgo. This is not a good move for Venus, as Virgo is the sign of her Fall. Relationships may be tested during Venus’ sojourn through this sign, as there will be the tendency to be overly-critical of loved ones.

October 4

Pluto will go direct. In most cases, I would not take much note of this transit. In this case, however, Pluto is in the middle of Jupiter and Saturn, who will have also turned direct rather recently.

For many months, there has been a sense of stagnation on the world stage. This stagnation will now be over. The stage is set for the final move towards resolution of all that has occurred this year.

October 7

Mercury will oppose Uranus. This aspect could be problematic on the world stage. If anything happens, some new secret might be uncovered that will further agitate public opinion.

October 10

Venus will trine Uranus. This aspect will likely go by unnoticed. Some people might feel a mild temptation to be rebellious with other people. If you have this urge, try to at least be sensible.

This will also be the day of the 3rd Quarter Moon. This is when the current cycle will begin to wind down and is a good time to complete projects and do housecleaning chores.

October 11

The Sun will square Jupiter. This would ordinarily be a mild transit. Squares are tense, but Jupiter generally tries to avoid harming anyone. Jupiter is still in Fall in Capricorn and linked with Pluto and Saturn, though.

This will be the start of an intense couple of weeks. Chances are that this will relate at least in part to the coronavirus pandemic.

October 12

Jupiter will sextile Neptune and Venus will sextile Mercury. These are relatively minor transits that will mostly go by unnoticed.

October 13

The Sun will oppose Mars and Mercury will go retrograde. This could be a very volatile day. Whatever may be happening on the world and political stage, do your best to keep your temper in check. Avoid confrontations if you can.

October 15

This Lunar Cycle will end with the Sun square Pluto. This transit can be seen as a part events that started earlier in the week and will continue into the next cycle. It will operate mostly on the world stage.

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