Transits – July 20 to August 17, 2020: Aftermath

It seems like ages since the Eclipse Season began in June 2020. There were three eclipses, a Lunar Eclipse on June 5, 2020, a Solar Eclipse on June 21, 2020, right after the Solstice, and a Lunar Eclipse on July 4-5, 2020.

The Covid-19 pandemic is raging on. Some places are doing well and are containing the virus. In other places, the virus is spinning out of control. Much has happened, too much to list or describe.


At the moment, we are having a heavenly visit in the form of Comet Neowise. For information about this comet, and my thoughts about what it means, see:

Comet Neowise and the Great Bear

After all of that, it would be nice if we would have a breather, but unfortunately, one does not seem to be forthcoming. While the coming lunation charts are free from eclipses, they repeat the same themes that we dealt with earlier this year. In many ways, it will feel like we are back where we started.

July 20 to August 2 – Deja Vu

The chart for the New Moon of July 20, 2020, looks very familiar. It contains many of the same themes that we saw from December 2019 through March 2020.

The most important theme is a polarity between Cancer and Capricorn, which corresponds to the polarity between the Home and the Marketplace. For more information about this polarity, see the article listed below:

The Home and the Marketplace

The Sun, Moon, and Mercury are in Cancer, and Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are all in Capricorn. The Sun and Moon are in exact opposition to Saturn. This indicates that we will be experiencing more hardship and restriction.

For more information about Saturn, see article below:


One of the main differences in this chart from the ones earlier this year is that Mars is now in Aries, where she will remain through the rest of 2020. This will add an air of heightened volatility to the mix.

In looking at the disposition pattern of this chart, there are three main rulers, the Moon in Cancer, Mars in Aries, and Saturn in Capricorn. All of these planets are in Cardinal Signs, which crave action, and they are all pulling us in competing directions.

This is a very tense chart.

New Moon 6-20-2020

July 22

The Sun breaks free of the restrictions of Saturn and moves into her own sign, Leo. This will bring a burst of energy. For the most part, the Sun’s entry into Leo will feel like a pleasant change. On the other hand, it will be important to avoid letting that energy tempt you into recklessness or pride.

July 27

The Moon will move into the 1st Quarter Phase today. This is when the seeds that were planted burst forth and start to grow. On this day, Mercury will also square Mars, which will bring added stress and volatility to the picture.

Venus will be square Neptune, and Jupiter will be sextile this Outer Planet. This could create confusion, and people might not be considering all of the facts before they make decisions.

If you can, try to avoid making important decisions today. The heightened volatility and the danger of misinformation can cloud your better judgment.

July 30

Mercury will oppose Jupiter and will trine Neptune. This will make it easier to believe lies than the truth. Wait to make important decisions. You probably do not have good information right now.

August 1

Mercury will oppose Pluto. Any bad decisions made during the last week or so could blow up into negative consequences.

August 2

Sun will square Uranus. This could be another difficult day. Avoid the tendency to pick fights or think that you do not need anyone. We are likely to see heightened activity in the form of protests.

August 3 to August 17 – Reaping What We Have Sown

This has been a difficult year. The good news is that, by now, the themes of the year have already been introduced. At this point, we will just see them unfold and develop as they are going to. There is not likely to be anything new on the horizon.

In the Full Moon chart, the Sun and Moon have just passed Uranus. The Sun and Moon were opposed to Saturn in the New Moon chart, and in the Full Moon chart, Mercury is opposed to Saturn. This indicates that the restrictions are still present, but they will have become a matter of personal judgment rather than something that will be imposed upon us.

Mars is in a very tight square with Jupiter. The symbolism for this is fighting against the established order. The impulse to fight (Mars) is much stronger than the impulse to maintain order and harmony (Jupiter).

In terms of the virus, civil unrest, or conflicts between nations, things will now proceed as they are going to. Our actions over the past year on an individual and collective level will determine how this energy will impact us.

The good news is that Venus is in Gemini by the North Node. This should provide opportunities to negotiate and communicate if we choose to do so.

Full Moon 8-3-2020

August 4

The square between Mars and Jupiter will become exact, and Mercury will go into Leo. This indicates that the message that people are trying to convey will come out in a loud and dramatic way.

August 7

The Moon will join Mars in Aries, but Venus will enter Cancer. Venus in Cancer has the potential to bring forth a spirit of caring and concern for other people that could soften the fiery spirit that has been present up until now.

August 10

Mercury will square Uranus. This will add to the volatility and spirit of protest that will be in the air.

August 11

This is the day of the 3rd Quarter Moon. This is when it is time to wind up the themes of the Lunar Cycle and bring them to conclusion. From now until the next New Moon is a good time to do things that you want to be over with quickly.

August 13

Mars will square Pluto. This will be another day of heightened volatility.

August 15

Uranus will go retrograde and remain retrograde for the rest of 2020. This means that we will be revisiting the themes that have been sparking the desire to change the established order for the remainder of the year.

August 16 & 17

On August 16, the Sun will trine Mars. On August 17, Mercury will trine Mars, and then join the Sun. This will bring a lot of Fire, for better or for worse. The good news is that there will be a lot of energy to get things accomplished. The bad news is that this will only heighten the volatility that has been in the air recently.

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