Transits – April 22 to June 4, 2020: Intermission

As I write this article, we are still in the middle of a global pandemic. Many parts of the world are under some form of lockdown. There are some places, including the United States, that are debating whether to start easing restrictions and reopening the economy.

Below are some previous articles in which I addressed this pandemic with respect to the current transits.

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Transits – March 24 to April 21, 2020: Restriction and Innovation

In addition to the current transits, we have also been feeling the culmination of the effects of the Great American Eclipse of 2017. The good news is that the effect of that eclipse is now over, and it is no longer exacerbating the already difficult situation. For more information on this eclipse, please see the article below.

The Great American Eclipse Revisited: Coronavirus and Hope for the Future

This next Lunation is much quieter than the previous one. The most notable feature of this Lunation will be a series of retrogrades, starting with Pluto on April 25, and ending with Saturn, Venus, and Jupiter all going retrograde between May 10 and May 14.


After that, there will be one more New Moon before Eclipse Season starts on June 3. This Eclipse Season will have 3 eclipses, starting with a Lunar Eclipse during the Full Moon of June 5, followed by a Solar Eclipse on the Solstice, and ending with a baby Lunar Eclipse on July 4. This Eclipse Season will likely be Act 2 of the drama that has been promised for 2020.

For now, however, we have a bit of a breather between acts. The best use of this time is to stop and take time to reflect and regroup before the next wave of heavy transits.

It may be tempting for many during this brief intermission to think that life will go back to the way it was before. That is highly unlikely. We are heading into a new era.

For more information about this, see:

2020 – An Earth-Shattering Year

The upheaval that we have experienced in these past few months is the first wave driving us into that new era. Rather than trying to return to the past, reflect upon what you want to bring with you into the future and what you do not.

With that in mind, let us look at the coming transits.

April 22 to May 6 – Settling In

Under normal circumstances, the lunation chart for the April 22 New Moon would be rather ordinary, perhaps even a little dull. Four out of seven Traditional Planets are in Fixed Signs, indicating that there will not be much in the way of change during this lunation.

For more information about the Lunar Cycle, please read:

The Phases of the Moon

The New Moon itself is separating from a square with Saturn and moving into a conjunction with Uranus. While it is conventional wisdom in modern astrology that Uranus governs sudden change, this really does not make sense with a planet that has an orbit of 84 years. Instead, I believe that Uranus governs discontent and desire for independence. This could lead to abrupt change, but it does not have to. The choice is entirely up to us.

For more information about my theory related to the Outer Planets, please see:

The Outer Planets – A Theory

This does not show up in the New Moon chart, but a few days after the New Moon, Pluto will go retrograde. In the past, I was of the opinion that Pluto really did not do much unless we invoked it. Given that COVID-19 made its appearance on the world stage right after the Saturn/Pluto conjunction which occurred on January 12, 2020, I may need to think twice about that opinion.

On the other hand, there are far many other factors involved, including a Lunar Eclipse on January 10. The first death from this virus was announced on January 11, 2020.

Of the planets that are not in Fixed Signs, Mercury and Jupiter are in Cardinal Signs, and Venus is in a Mutable Sign. Yet, none of these planets have much in the way of dignity in the signs that they are in. In contrast, Saturn is in her own sign, Aquarius, and the Moon is in Taurus, where she is exalted. Furthermore, in examining the disposition pattern of this chart, Saturn is the final dispositor.

All of this indicates that not much will change during these two weeks. A literal reading of this chart could suggest that the curve will flatten in many areas. There may be people who are angry and restless, but they will have little power. Overall, this is a chart that indicates a time in which many will be maintaining the status quo.

New Moon 4-22-20

April 25

This is the day that Pluto will go retrograde. Mercury will square both Pluto and Jupiter as well. It is likely that some places will begin to consider reopening around this time. At the time of writing this, the governor of the state of Georgia in the U.S. has already announced plans to reopen that state on April 27.

The thing with retrogrades is that they always involve a repetition of what happened before, so any reopening that occurs at this time will almost certainly result in a relapse.

On a personal level, avoid any temptation to ease up on the precautions that you are taking.

April 26

The Sun will square Uranus. This transit can cause a sense of restlessness and agitation. It is best to ignore such feelings and to wait until you are calmer before making any decisions.

April 27 & 28

Mercury will go into Taurus on April 27 and square Saturn on April 28. This will quiet much of the recent volatility, but it could indicate frustration. It can also indicate that opposing sides will become entrenched in their positions.

Keep steady and do not give in to depression or despair. This is a time to persevere.

April 30

This is the day of the 1st Quarter Moon. Mercury will also come into contact with Uranus. If you have feelings of anger or restlessness, slow down and take a deep breath. Your problems are not going anywhere, and this is not the time to deal with them.

May 3

Venus will square Neptune. This could lead to feelings of disillusionment, especially within relationships. The way forward will be cloudy.

May 4

Mercury will join the Sun. This is a special time in the Mercury Cycle, and it is likely that many things will become clear on this day.

May 7 to May 21 – Reversing Course

The Full Moon chart of May 7 is mostly unremarkable. As in the New Moon of April 22, the final dispositor of the chart is Saturn. Jupiter is starting to close in on Saturn. Jupiter still has not crossed over the threshold into Aquarius, though, and these planets will not come together until the December Solstice.

There is one noteworthy aspect, however. There is a close conjunction between Venus and the Fixed Star, Bellatrix. The name Bellatrix means Female Warrior, and she is also called the Amazon Star. This star sits on the left shoulder of Orion.

Full Moon 5-7-20

May 9 to May 15

These five days will feature a series of transits that are best seen as a whole rather than broken down into individual days.

The main theme will be three planets going retrograde, or in simpler language, turning around and going backward. Saturn will go retrograde on May 10, Venus will go retrograde on May 13, and Jupiter will go retrograde on May 14.

Additionally, two other planets will change signs. Mercury will be going into her own sign of Gemini on May 11 and Mars will go into Pisces on May 12. This means that all 5 of the non-Luminary Traditional Planets will be shifting all at the same time.

Other transits are going on as well. Most of them will be harmonious. The one exception to this is Mercury square Mars on May 11 before Mercury changes sign.

These transits will bring a major change in focus, most likely in a positive direction. In particular, there will be a marked improvement in the information that we are receiving at this point.

There are many ways to interpret the symbolism of the planets, but the most literal meaning of all of the retrogrades in the present circumstance is that in many places we will see a sharp decrease in the number of coronavirus cases and that restrictions will be lifted in many parts of the world.

There will be a great temptation to try to return to the way life was before the pandemic hit. This will be a mistake.

Even if things do get better, it is likely to be a short-lived reprieve. As discussed above, there is another storm promised in June and July of this year. It is possible that this coming storm could be something else entirely, but most likely, it will, at least in part, involve something surrounding this current pandemic.

If you are a business owner, use this reprieve to work on how you can adapt to the new normal. In particular, try to find ways to move your business onto the Internet. This is the direction of the future.

For everyone else, do what you can to shore up your finances and prepare for the next storm. Use this time of reflection to decide what is important to you and what you can leave behind.

May 17

The Sun will form a harmonious trine with Jupiter. This will be a good day for most, and it will provide an opportunity to make some good decisions about your future.

May 20

The Sun will go into Gemini, and Venus will square Neptune. As discussed previously, Venus went retrograde the week before. It is common for old loves and relationships to resurface during Venus retrograde periods. Unfortunately, most of the time, these relationships fade away again once Venus goes direct.

May 22 to June 4 – A More Relaxed Mood

The New Moon chart of May 22 is the lightest and most relaxed lunation chart we have seen all year. The Sun, Moon, Venus, and Mercury are all in Gemini. Five out of seven Traditional Planets are in Mutable Signs.

It will be extremely hard to continue to abide by whatever restrictions are still in place at this time, and there will be a great temptation to believe that we are in the clear. Do your very best to overcome any such temptation.

The first of the three eclipses of the coming Eclipse Season will occur during the next Full Moon. Furthermore, there are some hidden dangers in this lunation chart.

The Sun and Moon are moving into a square with Mars, and both Mercury and Venus are square Neptune. Additionally, five out of seven Traditional Planets are in Air Signs. There are many positive aspects of Air, but it is the element in which many things (including viruses) spread far and wide.

Rather than taking advantage of relaxed restrictions or ignoring restrictions that are currently in place, continue to find ways to get your social needs met without having physical contact. Use this time to innovate and to explore new ways of doing things.

New Moon 5-22-2020

May 28

Mercury will go into Cancer. This will be the first hint of the coming storm. The light-hearted feeling will start to move into a sense of worry and anxiety.

June 2 & 3

Mars will square a retrograde Venus on June 2, and the Sun will square Venus on June 3. Eclipse Season will begin on June 3 as well. Relationships could be tested at this time, particularly any old flames that have recently rekindled. We will also get a fuller sense of the nature of the coming storm.

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