The Transits of August 2019 – The Sunny Side of Life

After July’s eclipse season, which featured a Total Solar Eclipse, a Partial Lunar Eclipse, and a Mercury retrograde, August promises to be a very pleasant month with respect to transits. This is the time of year that the Sun goes through Leo, and this sign will be prominent for most of the month. There will comparatively few transits this month, and most of them will be positive.

This will be a good time to plan a vacation or to start something important. The planets will mostly be in a good mood and eager to help you during August.


July 31 to August 14 – The Sun is Shining Brightly

The New Moon will be on July 31. It will be the first clear lunation after the recent eclipse season, and what a lunation it will be! The Sun and Moon will, of course, be in Leo, and these monarchs will be attended by Venus and Mars, who will also be in Leo. The Sun, Moon, and Venus will also be applying to a pleasant trine with Jupiter, who is still retrograde in Sagittarius. This will be especially fortuitous for those with planets and major chart points in these signs or in the other Fire Sign, Aries.

Mercury is also turning around and will be going direct again. This should mark an end to any chaos and confusion that may have happened in July. It will not be long before she joins the other four planets in Leo.

Saturn is still retrograde in Capricorn with the South Node and Pluto, but no one is really paying attention to her right now. The energy is one of excitement and enthusiasm, making it easy to ignore grumpy Saturn telling us to keep off of the grass. This is especially the case as the Sun and Moon will be forming a square with Uranus, which could cause some people to feel a bit rebellious.

New Moon 7-31-2019

August 2

Venus will be coming into a square with Uranus. As with all Outer Planet transits, this does not have to have any impact at all. Avoid the temptation to be overly independent and or sever important relationships, and you will be just fine.

August 7 & 8

These will be a couple of very nice days, which could also be quite fortunate. On August 7, the Sun will trine Jupiter, followed by Venus trining Jupiter on August 8. This could bring opportunities, particularly to those with planets or major chart points in Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius. August 8 will be especially lucky as the Moon joins Jupiter in Sagittarius on this day.

August 11

This will be a rather busy day. The big news is that Jupiter will be turning around and going direct. This will mark a return to the good fortune that we saw near the beginning of this year. Try not to get carried away, however.

In December, Jupiter will go into Capricorn, the sign of her fall, and we may all feel leaner times when that happens. The best thing to do now is to get the things that you need and put money aside. Try to avoid accumulating debt if you can.

In addition to Jupiter turning direct, Uranus will go retrograde. This means that it will cover the same territory it has been covering for some time.

Lastly, Mercury will go into Leo, joining the Sun, Venus, and Mars. This will enhance the enthusiasm in the air.

August 14

The Sun and Venus will come together in Leo today. This will bring more bright and loving energy, and it could be a good day for relationships!

August 15 to August 29 – A Softer Brightness

The Full Moon will happen in the third half of Leo, and the Moon will be in Aquarius. In many ways, this chart looks rather similar to the New Moon chart of July 31. There are a few subtle differences, however.

The main difference is that Venus has moved in and will be deeply integrated into this lunation chart. In this chart, Venus is only 21 minutes away from an exact conjunction with the Sun and an exact opposition with the Moon. She has just finished being in a special state known as Cazimi, which is known as being “in the heart of the Sun.” She is also sitting between the Sun and Mars, softening the hot and dry energy of these planets.

Also, in this chart, both Mercury and Jupiter are direct. They were retrograde in the New Moon chart.

These two weeks will still be quite positive, but they will be a little softer and less exuberant. This will also be a good time to resolve any difficulties or conflicts in your relationships.

Full Moon 8-15-2019

August 16

Mercury will square Uranus. This could be a difficult transit and may shake up some hard feelings. As is always the case with Uranus transits, it is best to ignore feelings of restlessness or annoyance with your loved ones.

August 18

Mars will go into Virgo. This will be a positive change, bringing softer and more sensible attitudes all around. This will be a good time to get down to business, and there will be a lot of energy for productivity.

August 21

Venus will enter the sign of Virgo. This is a mixed change for Venus. Unlike Leo, Venus has some dignity in Virgo, but Virgo is also the sign of her fall. Be careful of being over-critical of your loved ones. No one is perfect. Everyone has flaws.

Still, this will be softened by a trine between Mercury and Jupiter, which should help everyone to be in good spirits and forgiving of miscommunication.

August 23

The Sun will enter Virgo. This will further shift the energy from bright and enthusiastic Leo to a calmer and more serious Virgo. More and more, it will be feeling like the vacation is coming to an end, and it is time to get back to work.

August 24

Venus and Mars will come together. This could bring problems to relationships, but it does not have to. It could also bring greater understanding. The important thing to remember is to avoid any tendency to nitpick. It is also important to be patient if someone else seems critical of you. They likely mean no harm and are only trying to help.

August 26 to August 29

This could be a tricky few days, particularly for those who have a tendency to feel rebellious or overly independent. If you have children, especially teenagers, try not to engage them in any power struggles if at all possible.

On August 26, Venus will trine Uranus. This transit will be followed by Mars trine Uranus on August 28, and the Sun trine Uranus on August 29. Mercury will go into Virgo on August 29 as well.

For most, this series of transits will likely pass by unnoticed, but people may feel like breaking the rules more than they usually do. It is best not to make any rash decisions of a permanent nature during this time. Otherwise, you should be fine.

So long as everyone remains calm, Mercury in Virgo should help with rational communication.

The New Moon of August 30 – Back to Work

New Moon 8-30-2019

This New Moon will mark a huge shift in energy. In this chart, six out of seven traditional planets will be in Earth Signs, five of them in Virgo. The party is definitely over!

Yet, this will be good, productive energy for those who are going back to school or coming back from vacation.

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