Lunar Eclipse of July 16, 2019

The Solar Eclipse of July 2, 2019, is now over, and its paired Lunar Eclipse will be coming on July 16, 2019. The Lunar Eclipse will be a partial one, and it will be visible everywhere except for North and Central America, the Northern tip of Scandinavia, and the Northeast corner of Russia. The Eclipse may be highly charged, and it will touch on the same themes as the previous Solar Eclipse.

Solar Eclipses are often given more attention than Lunar ones, and they are more dramatic. On the other hand, they are only visible in a very small portion of the world, which means that far fewer of them are visible in any given location. Lunar Eclipses are visible any part of the world in which it occurs at night, so they are seen far more often.

Chart Analysis for the Lunar Eclipse of July 16, 2019

Lunar Eclipse 7-16-2019


Like the previous Solar Eclipse, the central polarity in this chart is still between the signs of Cancer and Capricorn. The Moon has moved to Capricorn, forming a Full Moon. Saturn is retrograde still and moving very slowly, and so is Pluto. Venus has moved into Cancer as well and is now forming a tight opposition with Saturn.

This Venus/Saturn opposition adds an interesting dimension to this chart. The polarity of Cancer and Capricorn symbolizes dichotomy between the Hestia (the home) and the Agora (the public arena and the marketplace). Metaphysically, the Venusian principle has a special relationship with each of the non-Luminary planetary principles. The relationship between Saturn and Venus is that of the interplay between severity and mercy, so this theme is likely to be intertwined the outcome of this eclipse as well.


Venus is also moving into a trine with Neptune, which could lead to things that are deceptive or illusory.

It is also worth noting that in this Eclipse chart, Mercury is retrograde. Mercury went retrograde on July 7 and will not go direct until July 31. While Mercury retrogrades are often feared, I tend to think that Eclipse Seasons are far more chaotic. Yet, right now, we are dealing with both. This could also be an opportunity, however. Although Eclipses and Eclipse Seasons can be times of Darkness, they can also mark turning points. Mercury retrogrades are good times for reflecting on one’s words and actions, and this could be a chance to reconcile with people you may be in conflict with. It is best to avoid trying to initiate communication during the Eclipse itself, but perhaps after it is over, you may want to try.

The last feature of note in this Eclipse chart is that while Mars and Mercury are both still in aspect with Uranus, they are moving away from this planet. Furthermore, Mars is moving towards Jupiter. This means that some of the upheavals that may have been happening could start to dissipate a bit.

Lunar Saros Series 139

This present eclipse is a part of Lunar Saros Series 139. It is a bit unclear as to when this series actually began. When I looked in the astrology program that I use most often, which is Solar Fire, it listed the first eclipse of this series as occurring on November 28, 1640. On NASA’s website, however, the first eclipse of this series is listed as occurring on December 9, 1658. It might be tempting to think that NASA’s calculation must be the right one, but in modern times, astrologers often have different concerns than astronomers. For this reason, I will post both charts. This series will end on April 13, 3065.

Here is the chart for November 28, 1640:

Lunar Eclipse 11-28-1640

Here is the chart for December 9, 1658:

Lunar Eclipse 12-9-1658

There is an interesting connection between the dates of the Eclipse Seasons that these two eclipses occurred during. During the Eclipse Season of 1640, the time known as the Long Parliament in England began. This Parliament met until 1660, and it presided over the execution of King Charles I, the English Civil Wars, and the Protectorate of Oliver Cromwell.

The Eclipse Season of November and December of 1658 occurred about two months after the death of Oliver Cromwell, who was succeeded by his son, Richard Cromwell. As it so happened, during this Eclipse Season, Richard Cromwell had to call his own parliament, who began impeachment proceedings against him several months later. Richard Cromwell stepped down voluntarily and fled the country. Even though he was in exile, he lived to be almost 86 years old, and until January 29, 2012, he was the longest-lived ruler or ex-ruler of Britain. Queen Elizabeth II has now surpassed this record.

In the article I wrote about the Solar Eclipse of July 2, 2019, I wondered if an eclipse from this Saros Series pair might have played a role in the events of September 11, 2001. In looking at this Lunar Eclipse Saros Series, I think it might be a possibility. The Solar Eclipse was not visible in the United States, but the Lunar Eclipse of July 5, 2001 was.

Now, this should not be cause for panic, though. It is unlikely that there will be a major disturbance of that magnitude on the world stage this Summer, although there will continue to be the disruption that we have been seeing for the past couple of years. The Cancer Ingress chart for this year had a Void of Course Moon, and the chart for the Lunar Eclipse of July 2019 has a Mercury retrograde. This seems to indicate that there will not be any major changes at the present time in the public arena.


  • As always, if you are in the path of this eclipse, try to avoid it. Sleep with your curtains or shades drawn to keep the light from the eclipse from entering your home as much as you can.
  • Continue to consider the balance between your family and the demands of your work or career to see if you are happy with it or if you need to make adjustments.
  • Find ways to show kindness and mercy. There may be people around you experiencing difficult times, and right now, gentleness will do a lot of good.
  • Eclipse Season will last until July 27, 2019, at which time, life will begin to return to normal, and the Mercury retrograde will be over on July 31, 2019. On the other hand, we may be feeling the effects of this Eclipse Season on the world stage until the next one, which will be around Christmas of 2019.

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