The Transits of February 2019 – A Quiet Month

After January’s busy and chaotic Eclipse Season, February looks to be rather calm and relatively uneventful. This would be a good time to relax, regroup, and reflect. There will be a few major transits with the Outer Planets, which may cause some people trouble, but the impact of these can be avoided or minimized with a little care. With that, let’s move on to discuss the transits of February 2019.


February 1 to February 3 – Aftermath

While most of February will be relatively calm, we will feel some of the after-effects from last month’s Eclipse Season. February 1, in particular, may see some tensions arise and tempers flare. This is because Mars will be square Pluto, and the Moon will pass over Saturn, bringing frustration as well. The important thing to remember is that we have a choice in how we respond to events and to people even if they make us angry. People with planets in the middle degrees of the Cardinal Signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn will have the most trouble.

transits 2-1-2019

The next day, on February 2, the Moon will pass over Pluto as well. This will be a continuation of the difficulties from the day before. Whatever problems occurred will likely resolve themselves by February 3, and Mercury will sextile Jupiter, putting everybody in a more forgiving mood. Also on this day, Venus will enter Capricorn, which will be a calming influence.

February 4 to February 18 – A Time to Reflect

The New Moon will occur on February 4, and it will be the first clear Lunation of 2019. The New Moon of January 5 was a Solar Eclipse, and the Full Moon of January 21 was a Total Lunar Eclipse. This New Moon will mark a return to normalcy.

new moon 2-4-2019

The New Moon will occur in Aquarius. Mercury will be in Aquarius as well.  The Sun and the Moon are moving into a nice sextile with Jupiter. This will bring a contemplative and detached atmosphere to the next two weeks, emphasizing goodwill and philosophical concerns. There is still some potential explosiveness with Mars in Aries moving closer to Uranus, but that is more likely to impact world events. Most people will be able to avoid it on a personal level. Venus and Saturn and Capricorn will help people remain levelheaded.

February 7

After an uneventful three days, Mars will square the North and the South Nodes. This will make this day a little more stressful than the past few have been. On the other hand, Mercury will be sextile Mars, and the Sun will be sextile Jupiter, which will make it much easier to resolve any conflicts that may have occurred. In general, people will remain in a calm and forgiving mood.

February 9 & 10

Mercury will sextile Uranus on February 9, and then she will move into Pisces on February 10. The Moon will be passing over Uranus this day as well. There will be a slight agitation in the air followed by a return to calm. Mercury is debilitated in Pisces, and so during her sojourn there, people may experience a sense of being scattered and foggy. The people most affected by this will be those with prominent planets or chart points in the Mutable Signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.

February 13 & 14

February 13 will mark Mars’ last day in Aries. Before she leaves, she will pass by Uranus. This day, people will be more irritable, so it would be a good day to utilize any stress management exercises that you may have. After that, Mars will enter Taurus on February 14.

During the month and a half that Mars will be in Taurus, there may be a sense that it is difficult to get things done. Mars is the planet of action, and Taurus tends to resist activity. Mars is debilitated in Taurus, which means she does not like being there. In this time period, do your best to be as patient as you can. Those who tend to do things at the last minute or who like a lot of activity may experience some frustration. The important thing to remember is that everything will be moving a lot more slowly than usual and to just accept that.

February 17 & 18

Venus will sextile Neptune on February 17, and then she will pass by Saturn on February 18. This may be a difficult couple of days for relationships. As much as you can, be as honest as possible. Any lies, even little white lies to spare someone’s feelings, may come back to haunt you.

On February 18, the Sun will sextile Uranus, and then move into Pisces. Shortly after the Sun moves into Pisces, there will be a Full Moon.

February 19 to February 28 – Slow and Steady

The Full Moon of February 19, will bring an influx of the cold temperament. Of the Seven Traditional Planets, four will be in Earth, and two will be in Water. Only Jupiter will be in the warm element of Fire. This will mean that the energy level will be rather low.

full moon 2-19-2019

Mercury has just passed by Neptune, and she will be sextile Saturn. She is also moving into a sextile with Venus. This means that whatever issue was going on within relationships in the last couple of days will be a part of this Lunation and will have an  impact over these next couple of weeks. With Mercury present, this should give an opportunity for communication, but resist any impulse towards deception. The way to get through this transit unscathed is to be completely honest.

February 22

If any relationship troubles have begun, this is when things will come to a head. Venus will conjunct Pluto, and Mercury will square Jupiter. There is the potential for rupture on this day, coupled with the likelihood of miscommunication. The Moon will also be triggering Venus and Pluto, adding to the likelihood of difficulty. If your relationships are fine, you may have friends or family wanting to talk about their problems with you. It is best to counsel caution because this is a relatively short period of bad weather for relationships, so it is not a good time to make any permanent decisions.

February 23 to February 25

This will be a continuation of the events of February 22, with Mercury sextile Pluto on February 23, Venus conjunct the South Node on February 24, and Mercury trine the North Node on February 25. This will give the opportunity to discuss the events that occurred on February 22 and to find a way to move forward.

February 27

The Sun will sextile Mars and the Moon will pass by Jupiter on this day, giving people a little more energy than they have had over the past couple weeks. It also looks to be a day when many people will be in a good mood.

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