The Transits of October 2018, Venus’ Turn

Last month, Mars finished the last chapter of a dramatic trilogy that began last May.  It started last Spring, when Mars squared Uranus from early Aquarius and went past the South Node. She then turned around, repeated the same transits in July, except this time became deeply entangled in a dramatic Lunar Eclipse. She turned back around again, and in September made all of these transits again for the third time. In the meantime, Venus came in from the other side, opposed Uranus, squared the Nodes, and squared Mars.


I wish that I could say that we were finished with the difficulties. Unfortunately, however, during October, Venus will turn around and go retrograde, or backwards, and she will be hitting those same sensitive places in early fixed signs that have been bombarded since the Spring.

In most cases, the passage of Venus would be a soothing influence. Venus is the Lesser Benefic, and she is usually gentle and helpful. Right now, however, she is in Scorpio, Mars’ sign, where she is in detriment. It is hard to know how to interpret this, but it seems likely that we will be talking about the things that happened over the Summer and trying to make sense of them. The places in our lives that are usually peaceful may get shaken up. With that in mind, let us take a more detailed look at the transits of October 2018.

October 1 to October 7 – Winding Down

On October 1, we will still be under the light of the tense, but productive, Full Moon of September 24, but there will be an influx of Water and Air. This is time to tie up loose ends and to take a short break. Soon we will be dealing with a potential new stressor, so it is a good time to get some rest if at all possible.

Transits 10-1-18

October 1-2

The Moon will be moving into a Cardinal T-Square with the Moon and the Sun, and then she will move into a Water Grand Trine with Venus and Neptune.  During this time, some people may experience a low mood and feel like they are depressed. If this happens, do not take it too seriously, it is just a momentary feeling that may be being magnified by imagination out of control.

October 4

Venus will stop her forward motion and make what is called a station. She has stopped in order to turn around and go retrograde. She will continue going retrograde for the rest of the month.

Venus retrograde periods often mark times when past relationships resurface. These could be romantic relationships, but they could also be relationships of any kind. It is best to avoid thinking that these old relationships will be renewed permanently. They may or may not, but it will be impossible to tell until Venus goes direct again. The important thing is to use this as an opportunity to clear up loose ends from the past, and to forgive or make amends. This is especially important with Venus in Scorpio.

October 8 to October 23 – The Adventure of Venus

As we go into the New Moon on October 8, 2018, Venus will have just begun her retrograde motion. This will be an intense time for relationships. In the news, we are likely to hear quite a bit concerning women’s issues.

New Moon 10-8-18

October 10-11

These will be a very difficult and intense couple of days! On October 10, Venus and Mars will form an exact square for the second time. The first time was on September 8 at the end of Libra and Capricorn. That was difficult, but both planets were in Cardinal Signs where they had dignity. This time, they will square in the middle of the Fixed Signs Scorpio and Aquarius. Venus is disliked in Scorpio and Mars has no dignity in middle Aquarius. Mars does rule Scorpio, however. The Moon will come around and intensify this transit even more. In addition to this Mercury will enter Scorpio and oppose Uranus. The very next day, on October 11, the Sun will form an exact square with Pluto.

These two days are likely to be heavy news days, with a strong emphasis on women’s issues. It will be important not to let these issues seep into personal relationships. It will also be important to protect personal relationships in general. Ruptures that emerge during these couple of days have the potential become permanent.

October 14

On this day, Mercury will conjunct Venus. This has the potential to open up lines of communication regarding the difficult issues that have come about.

October 17-19

The Moon will transfer light between the separating Venus/Mars square, and then by the 19th, Mercury will form an exact square with Mars. This will likely be a continuation of the issues that started on the 11th. On a public level, for the first time in a long time, it may be possible for some real dialogue to take place between opposing sides. On a private level, people are likely to have some deep and important conversations. With courage and honesty, there is a real opportunity for healing now.

October 22-23

The two days before the Full Moon will continue to be intense, with Mercury sextile Pluto and the Sun entering Scorpio and opposing Uranus. On the other hand, theorectically, transits with the Outer Planets are optional. They do not have to have impact if one avoids or minimizes the modern poisons of excessive individualism and inversion of right and wrong.  The impact of these transits will depend on whether on a public or personal level, people took advantage of the opportunity for honest conversation and healing that presented itself a few days before.

October 24 to October 30 – The Adventure Continues

The Full Moon of October 24 will be another powerful one.

Full Moon 10-24-18

The Sun/Moon opposition will be joined by the Sun with Venus in Scorpio and the Moon with Uranus in Taurus, and all of these will be square the Nodes. Venus will also be making an exact sextile with Saturn. Mars has moved on, but we are likely to see a reprise of the themes that occurred during the Summer Eclipse Season, this time with Venus being the trigger.

October 25

The conjunction between the Sun and Venus will be exact. This will be an extension of the Full Moon from the day before.

October 28

On this day, Mercury will conjoin Jupiter. Jupiter is nearing the end of Scorpio and will move into her own sign of Sagittarrius in early November. This conjunction seems like it will be a postive development bringing more opportunity for deep, honest, and healing conversation.

October 30-31

We will end the month of October with Venus opposing Uranus and going back into her own sign of Libra. After a difficult battle, Venus will be retreating from enemy territory to her home base. This should lead us into November with a period of respite after a difficult month.

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