How Does Astrology Work?

How does astrology work? If you ask 10 different Western astrologers, you are likely to get at least 11 different answers. Of course, we can all talk about the mechanics of casting a chart and the physical bodies we are charting in the sky, but how does that translate into meaning here on Earth. How … Continue reading How Does Astrology Work?

Eclipses – What are They?

In a few weeks, a Solar Eclipse will be visible in the United States, which is being called, "The Great American Eclipse." Many people are making plans to watch this eclipse. I am planning on staying inside and closing my blinds until it is over. Why is that? In this article, I would like to … Continue reading Eclipses – What are They?

What Are Those Lights in the Sky?

When we look up at the sky, what do we see? This question is fundamental to astrology, but it is also fundamental to....everything. How we see the stars is how we see ourselves. I ask your indulgence as I share a clip from the Disney movie, The Lion King. This clip shows more clearly than … Continue reading What Are Those Lights in the Sky?