Transits – October 6 to November 3, 2021: Mars in Libra

The transits between October 6 and November 3 of 2021 will be dominated by Mars in Libra.

In 2020, we had about six months of Mars in Aries, which is the sign opposite to Libra. Mars is the planet of conflict, and Aries is one of the signs that she rules. As would be expected, this was an extremely volatile time on the world stage.

One year later, Mars has moved halfway around the zodiac and is in the sign of Libra. Libra is the sign of peace and harmony. It is ruled by Venus, and Saturn is exalted there. This sign avoids conflict and direct action.

Yet, Mars is still Mars no matter what sign she is in. In Aries, Mars had free reign to be herself. In Libra, she is constrained and confined. She is considered to be in detriment in this sign.

For more information see:

Libra 天秤座

Essential Dignities & Debilities

There will be an emphasis on diplomacy, but there is also a risk of an underlying hostility in the air. This will be present on a global level, but it can also impact people on an individual and personal level.

It will be important to find a way to assert yourself carefully and tactfully. Otherwise, frustration can set in or you may find yourself engaging in destructive manipulation.

October 6 to October 19: Talking, studying, and Planning

The New Moon chart of October 6, 2021 is remarkable in that it is almost all Air. Four out of seven of the Traditional Planets are in Libra. Of the remaining three, two of them are in Aquarius. This leaves only one planet in a non-Air sign. This planet is Venus in Scorpio.

In most cases, with this much Air, there might not be a lot of action on a physical level. Everything would take place in the realm of conversation and ideas. Yet, in this chart, Mars is in a tight conjunction with the Sun and the Moon. Mars wants to act, not talk.

Venus is not directly involved with the planets in Air, but she does have an indirect connection with Mars. Venus is in Scorpio, which is ruled by Mars, and Mars is in Libra, which is ruled by Venus. This is known as mutual reception. They do not aspect each other, however, which weakens the impact somewhat.

There is a nice trine between Mercury and Jupiter. Both planets are retrograde in this chart, but this will still bring in a sense of optimism and hope. People will be beginning to see hope for the future.

Despite the difficulties associated with Mars in Libra, overall, this is a nice chart. The fog and frustration of the summer is starting to lift, and there is energy to move forward with plans and goals.

October 7

Venus will move into Sagittarius. This will lighten the mood quite a bit. This will bring some fun and playful energy into the air.

October 9

Retrograde Mercury will conjunct the Sun and Mars today. While this could indicate conflict, the overall result is likely to be positive. It will be a good and productive time to discuss difficult matters.

This is underscored by the fact that Venus will conjunct the South Node. This will give further significance to conversations that happen today.

October 10

Saturn will station direct. Saturn has been retrograde since the end of May, which has contributed to a sense of stagnation over the summer. We should start to see forward progress on many fronts with Saturn direct.

October 12

This is the day of the First Quarter Moon. The themes of this Lunar Cycle will start to take form and become clear.

October 13

Venus will sextile Saturn. This is a quiet aspect. It will bring sobriety and sensibility to thoughts and actions regarding relationships.

October 15-19

These four days will be quite busy in terms of aspects. Most of them will be positive, however.

On October 15, the Sun will trine Jupiter, and on October 16, Venus will sextile Mercury. On October 17, the Sun will square Pluto. On October 18, Mercury and Jupiter will both go direct, and Mars will trine Jupiter.

Most of these aspects support the notion of optimism and forward progress. The only potentially troubling one is the Sun square Pluto, but like all of the Outer Planet transits, its impact can be avoided, at least on a personal level.

October 20 to November 3: A Busy Couple of Weeks

One of the most notable features of the Full Moon chart of October 20 is how hot it is. All seven of the Traditional Planets are in hot signs.


Managing Temperament, A Balancing Act

This could end up being literal and causing above average temperatures for this time of year across the globe. It could also be symbolic. A lot will be happening.

If you are the type of person who likes a lot of activity, this will tend to be enjoyable. If you do not, it could be a bit overwhelming.

All of the Traditional Planets are direct. Mercury is moving away from a trine with Saturn towards a trine with Jupiter. Venus is also moving between these slower moving planets with a sextile.

The Sun and Mars are still conjunct in Libra, but the aspect is separating and both planets are making their way towards Scorpio, where they have more dignity.

The one troubling feature of this chart is Mars moving into a square with Pluto. This was an aspect that seemed to play a prominent role in the events of 2020, especially during the Autumn. On the other hand, this chart does not have any other real testimony to support volatility. If anything, there may be some aftereffects from last year.

October 21

This is the day that the square between Mars and Pluto will be exact. On a personal level, it would be best to avoid conflict. Wait until things are a little less volatile.

October 22

The Sun will go into Scorpio. Scorpio sometimes has a bad reputation, but this is a positive transition for the Sun. It will be easier to take decisive action moving forward.

October 26

Venus will square Neptune today. In general, this is not a very important aspect, but it could cloud the judgment of some people, especially with respect to personal relationships.

October 28

Today is the day of the Third Quarter Moon. Venus will also sextile Jupiter.

In general, the Third Quarter Moon is not the best time to start new projects. Instead, it is a time for winding down and housecleaning.

The sextile between Venus and Jupiter may create some temptation towards overoptimism. Hold on to ideas that occur during this time, and do not make any final decisions until after the New Moon.

October 30

Mars will move into Scorpio. This is a very positive move for Mars. She will go from a sign in which she is debilitated to the sign of her greatest strength. This will free up a lot of energy for getting things done.

As it is still the Third Quarter Moon, this energy is best used towards cleaning things up to make way for the New Moon.

October 31

Mercury will trine Jupiter today. This will bring a positive attitude and a sense of faith and hope. It will be a good time to make plans for the future.

November 2

After the trine with Jupiter of a couple of days ago, Mercury will move into a square with Pluto. This could bring a temptation towards disillusionment and abandoning the hope that seemed to be present. Avoid this temptation.

It is Jupiter that is real and Pluto that is the destructive illusion. Hold on to the faith and the hope.

3 thoughts on “Transits – October 6 to November 3, 2021: Mars in Libra

    1. Hello Lisa,

      Thank you so much for your kind comments. I am in a time of transition on many levels. I am currently in the process of making decisions in light of the changes. I will be writing again soon, I think, once I have received some guidance and feel clearer as to the course I am headed.

      I apologize for the silence. I do not think that it will last for long.


      1. Hi Cynthia,
        That’s great to know you are well. Receiving guidance and fine-tuning efforts are excellent endeavors! Be well, and Happy Solstice! I’ll watch for your emails when they resume.


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