Transits – February 23 to March 23, 2020: In Like a Lamb, Out Like a Lion

Where I live, there is a saying that March goes in like a lion and out like a lamb. That may be true when it comes to the weather, at least in this part of the world. When it comes to the transits this coming Lunar Cycle, however, this will be reversed. This cycle will start peacefully and end with a roar.

The Lunar Cycle between January 24 and February 22 was relatively peaceful and quiet. If you would like to review the transits for that time period, see:

Transits – January 24 to February 22, 2020: A Breath of Fresh Air

As we head into the New Moon of February 23, this time of quiet will continue, at least for the first few weeks. Mercury will continue to be retrograde until March 9. There will not be any major transit activity until after the Sun moves into Aries on March 19. After that, we will end this Lunar Cycle with a bang as Saturn goes into Aquarius and Mars joins Pluto a few days later.


February 23 to March 8 – A Time to Pause, Ponder, and Reflect

For Filianists, the season of Moura began on February 20, and for many Christians, Lent will begin on February 26 this year. Lent and Moura are both times devoted to extra prayer, devotion, and spiritual disciplines. The transits for this Lunar Cycle will support these activities, especially during the first half of the cycle.

The New Moon in Pisces is joined by Mercury, who is still going retrograde. While Mercury retrograde periods have a bad reputation for creating mischief in office environments, they are very good times for prayer and reflection.

For more information about Mercury retrogrades, see:

The Mercury Retrograde Cycle

Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn are all in Capricorn, joined by the South Node and Pluto. This puts six out of seven of the Traditional Planets in cold signs. The only planet in a hot sign is Venus in Aries.

This extremely cold chart may translate into unseasonably cold weather around the world. It will almost certainly represent a slowdown with respect to the overall activity level. The heavy Capricorn emphasis will give a desire to get things done, but it may be hard for many people to find the energy to accomplish much.

Overall, it is best to take this time to rest as well as to spend time determining what is important to you.

New Moon 2-23-20

February 23

Venus in Aries will square Jupiter in Capricorn. Venus and Jupiter are both benefics, so in most cases, a square between them would not be too problematic. In this case, however, both of these planets are debilitated. This means that they will not be able to do much good, especially as they are in tension with each other.

It is best if you don’t rely on luck or good fortune. Things will probably take longer and require more effort than you expect.

February 24 & 25

On February 24, the Sun will sextile Mars. On February 25, Mercury will join the Sun and will also sextile Mars.

These transits will give positive focus and direction and help cut through the fog of Mercury retrograde in Pisces. This will be a good time to get things done.

February 28

There will be a couple of transits to the Outer Planets today. Venus will square Neptune and Mercury will sextile Uranus. These will go mostly unnoticed by most. Try not to act on any suspicions, especially in your relationships. Chances are that your suspicions will be unfounded.

March 2

Today will mark the 1st Quarter Moon. For information on the 1st Quarter Moon and the Lunar Cycle, see:

The Phases of the Moon

March 3

Venus will square Saturn today. Some people may experience frustration in their relationships coming from work or other responsibilities. This frustration will be temporary, though, so it is best to just let it pass.

March 4

Mercury will go back into the sign of Aquarius and sextile Venus. After that, Venus will go into Taurus. These are positive changes for both of these planets. Mercury is much happier in Aquarius than in Pisces, and Venus will be going from a sign of her detriment to one in which she rules.

This will be a good day for communication, particularly in the context of relationships. If you have been having problems lately with your spouse or your partner, this will be a good time to work through them.

March 8

As the Moon goes into Virgo, the Sun will pass by Neptune, and Venus will join Uranus. Try not to be too critical of other people, and do not take your suspicions seriously.

March 9 to March 23 – The Fog is Lifting

The Full Moon of this cycle will bring a little more energy towards getting things done. The chart is still very cold, with 6 out of 7 Traditional Planets in cold signs. On the other hand, Mercury and Venus are dignified rather than debilitated, and Mercury has stationed in order to go direct. Also, the Sun has gotten past Neptune, and the Moon is in the productive sign of Virgo.

It will be time to slowly move into action at a steady and methodical pace. This would be a good time to clean and organize your home or office.

For those who live in the United States, this may also be a good time to do your taxes. In general, the best time to do them is during the 3rd Quarter Moon, but by that time, Mercury will have moved back into Pisces, which could lead to careless errors.

Full Moon 3-9-2020

March 11

The Sun will be sextile Jupiter. This is a relatively minor transit, but it is a positive one. Many people will be in a good mood, and it will be easier than usual to feel a sense of accomplishment.

March 14

Mars will sextile Neptune, and the Sun will sextile Pluto. These transits will go unnoticed by most, but you may fall for things that you would not otherwise.

March 16

Today will be the day of the 3rd Quarter Moon, and Mercury will reenter the sign of Pisces. Mercury’s move back into Pisces could bring back some of the cloudiness from the first part of this cycle. On the other hand, Mercury will be direct this time, so it will not be as bad as it was before.

March 19

This will be the day of the Equinox when the Sun enters into the sign of Aries. There will be more about the Aries Ingress in a later article. Before the Sun enters Aries, she will sextile Saturn. This will bring more heat and energy that we have felt in a while.

March 20

Mars will join Jupiter. This will add even more energy, and it will be easier to see results from your efforts.

March 21

Saturn will enter Aquarius. This will be a harbinger for the big changes that will be happening at the end of this year. Saturn will not be staying in Aquarius for long. She will go retrograde and return to Capricorn in July. We should view what happens during these few months as a foreshadowing of what is to come starting at the end of this year which will continue for the next 20 years.

For more information about the coming changes, see:

2020 – An Earth-Shattering Year

March 22

Mercury will sextile Uranus and Venus will sextile Neptune. These transits will mostly go unnoticed, but be cautious of acting on any ideas that you have.

March 23

Mars will join Pluto. This could be an explosive transit if you let it be. The news may be more upsetting than usual, but do your best to keep your temper in check. The Moon will be moving into Aries, which could add to the potential for conflict.

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