Solar Eclipse of December 25, 2019

In several hours, there will be a Solar Eclipse. This Solar Eclipse is quite significant for two reasons. One is that it will be occurring so close to the Solstice, and the other is that it is happening at a ritually significant time for many traditions.

This Eclipse will be visible in most of Asia, Northeast Africa, and Northwest Australia. It is an Annular Eclipse meaning the Sun’s light will be mostly blocked, but it falls short of totality.

Chart Analysis for the Solar Eclipse of December 25, 2019

Solar Eclipse 12-25-2019

When looking at this Eclipse from an astrological perspective, the most striking thing is the build-up of planets in one place in the chart. Four out of seven traditional planets, as well as Pluto and the South Node, are all in Capricorn. This line-up of planets is led by Venus in Aquarius and flanked by Mercury in Sagittarius. The only planet outside of this grouping is Mars in Scorpio.

From this, it is clear that the main emphasis of this chart is on the sign Capricorn, and on its ruler, Saturn.

You can read this article for a detailed description of the sign of Capricorn, and this article for a deeper understanding of the planet, Saturn.

For our purposes, however, there is a fictional character that provides an instructive example. This character is Ebenezer Scrooge, from A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens.


At the beginning of the story, Mr. Scrooge embodied the very worse traits of Capricorn. He was cold, miserly, and unfeeling. While he was ambitious and worked very hard, he was not even able to allow himself to enjoy the fruits of his labors.

Yet, as a result of the visits from the Spirits of the Past, Present, and Things Yet to Come, he was able to see the error of his ways. When he did, his change of heart was complete, and he was able to reverse his fate and use his wealth to do good for others.

The ability to rise above one’s fate or circumstances represents Capricorn at its best.

This story can provide an important background for the negative and positive possibilities for this Eclipse.

Solar Saros Series 132

Eclipses come in families known as Saros Series. These are eclipses of the same nature that occur approximately every 18 years. These series are born, reach the height of their power, wane, and eventually fade away. The average life-span of a Saros Series is about 1,200 years.

Each Saros Series has a theme or themes that can be determined from the chart of the first eclipse of the series and from a historical analysis of the events that occurred surrounding each eclipse.

The Solar Eclipse of December 25, 2019, is from Solar Saros Series 132. This series began on August 13, 1208, and it will end on September 25, 2470. This Saros Series seems to be a late bloomer. The first Total Eclipse of this series will not occur until April 14, 2200.

Below is a chart of the first Solar Eclipse of this series.

Solar Eclipse 8-13-1208

This chart also has a large pile-up of planets in one part of the zodiac. Four traditional planets are in Leo and the other three are in the preceding sign, Cancer. This is on the opposite side of the zodiac from the planets in the current eclipse. Cancer is the sign directly opposite Capricorn.

This speaks to this series emphasizing extremes.

An eclipse of this series occurred on November 1, 1929, only days after the Stock Market crash of 1929, which led to the Great Depression in the United States.

Below is a chart of that eclipse.

Solar Eclipse of 11-1-1929.jpg

Interestingly enough, this Saros Series was also associated with the very first financial crisis of the United States, the Panic of 1785, and between 1785 and 1929, every time an eclipse of this series came around, it happened during a Panic or recession in the United States. Sometimes the eclipse occurred during the beginning, sometimes in the middle, and sometimes near the end of the financial crisis.

Yet, this correspondence stopped after the Eclipse of November 1929. There have been financial crises since, but there has been no correspondence between these crises and this Saros Series. I could find no astrological reason for the correspondence to have stopped.

What did change, however, was that the United States began taking measures to protect the economy from a future Great Depression. I am an astrologer, not an economist, so I will not enter into any debate about the specific measures taken. Yet, from an astrological perspective, it seems that these measures worked, at least with respect to protecting against the influence of this particular Saros Series.

The Moral of this Story

I have long believed that we do have some Free Will with respect to astrological influences. I also believe that Eclipses, while being times in which Dark temporarily triumphs over Light, also can be times of deep repentance and opportunities to choose the Light.


This next year does seem to be a time of change, and there will very likely be turmoil on the world stage. We can hope and pray that a critical mass of those in charge will turn to the Light.

Whether or not this happens on a corporate level, on an individual level, each of us has the chance to turn to the Light and to be our best selves. If so, I believe that the story of this Saros Series can be that we can change our fate on an individual level and perhaps even on a corporate level as well.

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  • If you are within the path of the eclipse, try to avoid its light. Stay inside if you can, and keep the curtains or shades down.
  • Examine your heart for hardness or mean-spiritedness. This is the Dark Path of this Eclipse. Balance these tendencies with kindness and mercy. Also, find ways to add warmth to your life, as this Eclipse is very cold.
  • Use the Capricorn energy to give you the motivation to work hard on self-improvement in whatever area of your life needs it the most.
  • Hold on to and protect the Joy, Love, and Light of this season. These qualities will provide excellent protection from the worst possibilities of this Eclipse.

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