Calculation of the Almuten Figuris

The method I use for the calculation* of the Almuten Figuris is derived from Ibn Ezra and is as follows:

1. Using the following:




Part of Fortune (using different day and night calculations)

The Pre-Natal Lunation (the New or Full Moon prior to birth)

2. Compute the major and minor essential dignities for each point as follows:

Ruler – 5 points

Exaltation Ruler – 4 points

Triplicity Rulers (all three) – 3 points

Term Ruler – 2 points

Decant/Face Ruler – 1 point

3. Next determine:

Lady of the Day – 7 points

Lady of the Hour – 6 points

4. Next assign points to each of the planets based on their House placement (I use the Whole Sign system):

1st House – 12 points

10th House – 11 points

7th House – 10 points

4th House – 9 points

11th House – 8 points

5th House – 7 points

2nd House – 6 points

8th House – 5 points

9th House – 4 points

3rd House – 3 points

12th House – 2 points

6th House – 1 point

5. The planet with the most points is the Almuten Figuris.

Elizabeth of York Nativity

Here is a sample calculation for Elizabeth of York, the Queen Consort of King Henry VII and ancestress of all future monarchs of England.

Almuten Worksheet - Elizabeth of York_1

The planet with the highest point total is Mars with 38 points, so according to this calculation, Mars was Elizabeth of York’s Almuten Figuris.

The worksheet I used for this calculation can be found here.


*There are Almuten calculators available online, and the astrology software, Solar Fire includes an Almuten calculator. This calculation is dependent on many different variables, and so it is important to adjust the settings according to your preferences. For this reason, I suggest calculating the Almuten Figuris by hand until such time as you are comfortable that you have your software programed with the settings you prefer. At this point, I would also suggest comparing the results of the hand calculation with the computer generated calculation to be sure you get consistent results before relying on the computer generated calculation.