Transits – January 2 to January 30, 2022: Slowly Leaving Saturn’s Realm

The first Lunar Cycle of the year will begin on January 2, 2022, and end on January 30, 2022. During this time, we will see Jupiter peek out from Saturn’s reign.

The past two years have been dominated by Saturn. For more information about this, see:

2022 – The Emergence of Jupiter

Saturn’s influence will still be quite strong in January, but her power will be weaker than it had been.

Things will begin to start feeling lighter and less restrictive. An optimistic attitude will start to feel more reasonable.

January 2 to January 16: Saturn is still strong

In the New Moon chart of January 2, five out of seven of the Traditional Planets are in signs ruled by Saturn. The Sun, Moon, and Venus are all in Capricorn, and Mercury and Saturn are in Aquarius.

Jupiter has just crossed the border between Aquarius and Pisces, so she does not have a lot of power yet, even though she rules Pisces. Still she is beyond Saturn’s jurisdiction. Mars is in Sagittarius, which is also ruled by Jupiter. These two planets can see each other, but there is no aspect between them.

For the first two weeks of January, the positive energy of Jupiter will be timid and shy, but it will be enough to see a way forward.

January 2 & 3

Mercury will enter Aquarius on January 2 and trine the North Node on this day. On January 3, Jupiter will square both of the Nodes. This will be a time that will be fruitful for deep contemplation and new ideas.

January 5

Venus will sextile Neptune. This aspect will pass by unnoticed by most people. If anything, be a bit more cautious in your relationships.

January 8

The Sun will be conjunct Venus. When a planet gets too close to the Sun, she is greatly weakened. When the conjunction is almost exact, however, there is a special condition which makes the planet much stronger for a brief period of time.

This is what will happen today, which will make the day a positive one with respect to relationships.

January 9

Today is the day of the First Quarter Moon. This is when the themes of the Lunar Cycle begin to become apparent. It is a good time to proceed with new projects.

January 10 & 11

The Sun will sextile Neptune on January 10, and Mars will square Neptune on January 11. These aspects have the potential to create trouble through wrong ideas and misinformation. Be careful of acting for a least a few days on any information that might seem suspicious.

January 14

Today, Mercury will go retrograde and stay retrograde until February 3. This could cause difficulties with communications. It will be important to slow down and double-check everything during this time.

For more information, see:

The Mercury Retrograde Cycle

January 16

The Sun will conjunct Pluto today. This could create temptations to do what you know is wrong, particularly if your ego gets involved.

January 17 to January 30: Breaking Free

In the Full Moon chart, four out of the seven Traditional Planets are still in Saturn ruled signs, but the Moon is in her own sign as well as Jupiter. This means that Saturn has even less power than she did before.

Jupiter has fully entered her own sign and is gaining power every day. Things will start to look more positive and optimistic.

January 19

The Sun will enter Aquarius and will trine the North Node.

The Sun’s trine to the North Node will not be felt by most in an individual level. There may be an impact felt on the global level, but it will be quite subtle if there is.

January 23

Mercury will conjunct the Sun. There will be a brief respite from the usual challenges caused by a Mercury retrograde before we enter the most difficult part of the cycle.

January 24

Mars will enter Capricorn. While this will bring Mars into a Saturn ruled sign, it will still be a positive move. Mars is exalted in Capricorn, and her sojourn through Capricorn will help in getting things done.

January 25 & 26

January 25 marks the Third Quarter Moon. This marks the end of the cycle. In general, it is best to avoid starting new things from now until the next New Moon. It is a good time for cleaning and for doing unpleasant tasks you want to finish quickly.

On January 25, Mercury will re-enter Capricorn and trine the North Node. This could increase the difficulties with miscommunication for at least a few days.

January 28

Mercury will conjunct Pluto today. This could produce problematic communications, but only if you let it. While it is always important to communicate from your best self, it is even more important today.

January 29

Venus will go direct today. This will also be the turning point for any old relationships that have resurfaced while Venus was retrograde. They may or may not continue after this time. If they do, they will become a more permanent part of your life.

January 30

The Sun will square Uranus today. It will be important to avoid getting into silly battles over ego and pride. If you do avoid this temptation, the Sun square Uranus will pass by unnoticed.

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  1. Your descriptions on synastry are the best I’ve ever read and the closest to what I see. Thank you for writing these. They have confirmed some things for me.

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