What Are Those Lights in the Sky?

When we look up at the sky, what do we see?

This question is fundamental to astrology, but it is also fundamental to….everything. How we see the stars is how we see ourselves.

I ask your indulgence as I share a clip from the Disney movie, The Lion King. This clip shows more clearly than any explanation the situation astrologers find themselves in.

For those not familiar with The Lion King, it is very loosely based on Hamlet, although, as it is a Disney movie, and not Shakespeare, it has a happy ending. At the point in the movie from which this clip is shown, Prince Simba’s uncle has murdered his father and has usurped the throne. After the murder, the Evil Uncle convinces Prince Simba, who was only a small cub at the time, that his father’s death was his fault. Racked with guilt, Prince Simba runs away and is saved by Timon and Pumbaa, who are the other characters in the clip. This clip takes place after Prince Simba has lived for a time with Timon and Pumbaa and has grown into an adult lion.

Like Prince Simba, astrologers are in exile. We are heirs to the legacy of Ancient Lore and Tradition, yet, we have been driven out of our kingdom by the usurper known as the Enlightenment. We are living in a world with the New Age movement on one side, who like Timon, confidently make up stories that have no basis in either physical fact or Sacred Tradition. On the other side, we have the Modern Darwinist majority, who like Pumbaa, tells us that the stars are simply “balls of gas millions of miles away,” with no life or consciousness, their movements devoid of meaning.

I think that most, if not all, astrologers, know deep in their Hearts that neither Timon or Pumbaa are right, even if we mock alongside our companions. Many of us have dedicated a significant portion of our time and our lives to the study of astrology, with little compensation in the form of respect or money. We would not do this if we truly believed that the stars were fireflies or merely lifeless balls of gas, millions of miles away. Yet, like Prince Simba, we can not help but be influenced by the voices of those around us, and we blame ourselves or other astrologers for our exile.

While Shakespeare wrote great literature, I have to say that I prefer the Disney version of the story. I believe in happy endings. Without spoiling the story for those who may not have seen it, I do think that astrologers can reclaim the great inheritance that we have been left by our forebears.

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